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levenezia 07-13-2005 03:50 PM

outrageous shipping charges
Has anyone ordered recently from Sailnet to take advantage of the 30% discount? I just received a CD for $19.46 but they added on a shipping charge of $11.99. (for a CD that probably cost less than $2.00 to ship. So where''s the savings? I''m posting this as a heads up for anyone else contemplating a purchase because since no one answers the phone at Sailnet, I guess my only recourse is to dispute the bill with Master Card when the bill comes.

geohan 07-13-2005 04:56 PM

outrageous shipping charges
It''s certainly saddening to read of the problems customers are having with Sailnet purchases and I hope the difficulties can be fully and agreeably resolved. However should worst come to worst, I''d like to express my thanks before it is too late, for all of the helpful posts found on this board and in particular those from Jeff, Whoosh, and GordMay, a most valuable resource.

Jeff_H 07-13-2005 06:14 PM

outrageous shipping charges
Thank you for the kind words. Hopefully this is sonething simple like the owners are on vacation.


PhotoEd 07-15-2005 11:06 AM

outrageous shipping charges
They must be on a very long vacation!

dcrummer 07-16-2005 02:58 PM

outrageous shipping charges
I too have been ripped off! I ordered two rope clutches and a $2 bullseye fairlead. First the clutches show as shipped and then vanish. Now I''ve been shipped a $2 part with $12 shipping. It''s disturbing to think that perhaps the company that I''ve spent a lot of money with has resorted to stealing nickels and dimes from us. I tried for days to call and email them with no answer. I reccomend that no one deal with them !!!

RickFoster 07-19-2005 11:23 AM

outrageous shipping charges
Are there any lawyers out there that can help with a class action suit for those of us who have been ripped off. They sent me the wrong order. They were nice enough to pay for the shipment to be returned to them and suggested I order again "to speed up receiving the correct order." I agreed. Now, I have been charged for two of the same items and have neither. The amount of time I have spent on this organization has overrun the costs I potentially have saved. I complained to the credit card company. Since I received one of the items, I have to wait until SailNet processes the return (yeah likely gonna happen), and since the other item is "enroute" but does not show-up on the order tracking, and no one answers the phone and email, I am in limbo like the rest of you.

Let''s Sue The Bloody Bastards

GordMay 07-21-2005 08:50 AM

outrageous shipping charges
This has been, and may continue to be, a unique and wonderful forum to share information, and debate boat-related issues.
Unfortunately like all commercial enterprises, the Sailnet forum exists at the mercy of the marketplace, and may just suddenly disappear.
If the rumors of Sailnet’s imminent or extant demise are true, we can expect the forum to simply disappear without warning - perhaps at month-end (billing period).

I don’t expect that the CruisersForum will necessarily fill the needs of this membership, nor replace the Sailnet board, but it may provide a meeting place to stay in touch with developments - and to “tag up” with each other. I will endeavour to maintain a clearing-house of information at
Specifically at the thread:
Titled: ”SAILNET Message Board”
Under the “Blue Water Cruising” divider, at the heading “Books, References, Links & Website’ Announcements”

Here’s hoping the rumors are false, and the Sailnet Message Boards remain up & active.
If not, check in at the CruisersForum

Best regards,
Gord May

Izabella01 07-21-2005 09:57 AM

outrageous shipping charges
sam and cheryl have formed

same message boards and email lists...
if that helps...

waltward 07-21-2005 01:35 PM

outrageous shipping charges

Here are two e-mail notes that I received fro a reporter near Sailnet


Hey folks,

I''m a business reporter at a newspaper here in Charleston. I noticed your
postings on the company''s message board and was hoping to talk to you about
your recent experiences with the Sailnet. I''m trying to reach the company,
but haven''t had any luck so far.

Give me a call today (Thursday) if you have a chance.

Kyle Stock
Business Reporter
The Post and Courier
Charleston, S.C.

Hey Walt,
I wanted to get the word out that I''m looking into the company, but haven''t taken the time to register for the forum.

Would you be willing to post a message on my behalf? If so, would you just say that a journalist in South Carolina is hoping to talk to customers who have had problems with SailNet service. I can be reached at 843-937-5763.


GordMay 07-22-2005 03:55 AM

outrageous shipping charges
Kyle Stock covers technology & business for the Charleston Post and Courier .
He can be reached at 937-5763 or at
The Post and Courier:

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