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Sailpilot 07-26-2005 12:57 PM

Bahama Fees?
Would like to cruise the Bahamas for a few months. Any info on the current fees and if the recent hike in charges are going to stay?

Also wondering about moorings in Bimini and Nassua to leave boat for few weeks between cruises.

Thanks in advance for info,

GordMay 07-26-2005 01:27 PM

Bahama Fees?
There are no transient moorings in either Nassau nor Bimini. I wouldn’t leave a boat unattended in either place.
There are moorings at about 75 nm South of Nassau at Staniel Cay (Exuma). Contact Sol Robinson or Don Rolle (or anyone) at Club Thunderball. They can also arrange air travel to/from Nassau.

GordMay 07-26-2005 01:33 PM

Bahama Fees?
Bahamas Cruising / Fishing Permits:

A visiting pleasure vessel’s Temporary Cruising Permit, issued by Bahamas Customs on first entry clearance is for 12 months’ duration (even if an old form saying 6 months is used). A vessel’s Temporary Cruising Permit may be extended for an additional 2 years on application to Customs and payment of a fee of $500 per year’s extension. The clearance fees are “not applicable to dinghies and life rafts imported via such vessels”. The “two entries during any 90-day period”, quoted above, means that a vessel may leave The Bahamas and re-enter within the first 90 days of a Cruising Permit’s validity, without payment of any additional fee. No charges may be made for travel or overtime by clearing officers. Obtain an official receipt for all funds paid.

Immigration permission for persons arriving with the vessel may be granted for varying periods, but may be extended by Immigration, up to a maximum of 8 months.

A Fishing Permit issued on entry is valid until the expiry date shown thereon. The Permit is valid for hook and line fishing only (see regulations on its reverse). Persons wishing to engage in spear fishing (by Hawaiian sling only) should request that the vessel’s Fishing Permit be so endorsed, in writing, on issue.

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