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Markwesti 01-26-2014 06:45 PM

How do you rate your marina/mooring ?
Mine I have mixed feelings , but just some stats $390./mo. rent utilitys included. That's a 30ft. slip, you are allowed up to a 34'9""boat in the 30ft. slp. Non live aboard . Live aboard I think is $125 extra . Marina staff has it's ups and downs , But is OK. I'm not asking for location / scenery/ outside amenities, like restaurants, groceries . What I would like to hear about is price of slip and management/ quality of marina docks / security / maintenance, and basically how you feel you are being treated as a paying customer. OK who am I trying to kid here if you love/hate your marina/mooring everything included . I want to hear about it . Ps my marina is now running ads in local non boating news papers , soliciting for new renters . Ouch there was always a waiting list .

Faster 01-26-2014 07:07 PM

Re: How do you rate your marina/mooring ?
We're in a very tight moorage market. At $13/ft/mo you're getting up there, we're still just under $10 (but we pay a discounted full year in advance)

Our dock maintenance is good, security is live 24/7 with personnel around the clock, plus a good network of cameras. No locked gates but that's of limited effect - in our experience most outboard thieves come and go by water anyhow. Relatively rare breakins and we've not been affected or hit yet (6 years there now).

It's a city fishermans' marina managed by a board of directors, who must be fishermen. Given that of late the recreational vessels are about 30% of the moorage slips and obviously the fishermens' interests are not always aligned with ours, it would be nice to see that change. We pay fair market rates, perhaps a bit less, but still pay many times more than the licensed fishboats so we really are financially supporting their cause.

However the location is superb (5 mins to sails up), as is the shelter, parking is provided and wifi is also available, along with basic amenities like laundry, water and power. Overall we're quite happy, esp since our last location was behind a strong tidal gate about a 2 mile 'no-sail-zone' from open water.

Barquito 01-26-2014 07:30 PM

Re: How do you rate your marina/mooring ?
I have a mooring. No place to store the dinghy. I haul the thing on top of the car and scape it over rip rap to launch. However, I paid something like $900 for the mooring. I own the equipment, and basically have squatters rights to the location. The only expense is maintaining the mooring gear. At any point I could sell the mooring for about what I bought it for. Shoe string heaven.

Markwesti 01-26-2014 08:01 PM

Re: How do you rate your marina/mooring ?
Barquito, the mooring thing is interesting to me . In 3 mos. I spend what you spend forever.Less maint. I take it you like it . But for me I like a marina it's like a second home for me . No wait my first home ! My little shack on land is 2nd. home. But back to the rating thing I would give my marina a C+.

PaulinVictoria 01-26-2014 08:43 PM

Re: How do you rate your marina/mooring ?
I pay $10/ft/mth to park a boat against a rickety finger (angles about 30 degrees to the water now), no power, that's extra. Location is good, very sheltered, facilities are good in terms of businesses there (fairly expensive yard, little chandlers that actually sells useful things, little machine shop etc) but nothing there in terms of other attractions such as a bar/restaurant which is fine by me, although it would be nice to go get a drink after a sail. It's pretty much the cheapest place around, nothing spectacular but it does the job. I think I would sail an awful lot less if I had the boat on a mooring, and I would certainly not get anywhere near as much maintenance done on her.

Markwesti 01-26-2014 08:57 PM

Re: How do you rate your marina/mooring ?
A dink would be nice , so is that $270/mo. hey also what is your sailing demography, ie are there any islands you can sail to . Is your marina manager a bone head?

Donna_F 01-26-2014 08:57 PM

Re: How do you rate your marina/mooring ?
When I first bought a sailboat, a 22 footer, I decided to keep it in a slip because I hated trailering it and I didn't want to deal with the ramp/mast raising/etc. alone (I was single at the time). I chose a marina first by using the Maryland Clean Marina list and starting at the top of the bay and working my way south from my house. My current marina is the first one who either didn't say 1) your boat is too small for us or 2) charge me a 30 foot rate for a 22 foot boat and, most importantly to me, a new sailor, 3) they were a sailboat marina first with some former America's Cup and current Key West racing sailors so I figure they'd be able to give me good advice when I needed it.

We stayed through our second boat and have had absolutely no complaints.

The docks are well maintained, management is responsive. A few of the yard guys live aboard in the marina so they as well as all the slip holders look after each other's boats. We can work on our boat and the marina has even let us use their tools (but we don't take advantage of them, we'll ask in an emergency only).

Faster 01-26-2014 09:02 PM

Re: How do you rate your marina/mooring ?

Originally Posted by Markwesti (Post 1347169)
.....hey also what is your sailing demography, ie are there any islands you can sail to . Is your marina manager a bone head?

Smack in the middle of arguably the best summertime cruising grounds worldwide... Good marinas/anchorages within a couple of hours and combined with Puget Sound's offerings, literally uncountable hideyholes between Olympia WA and Western Alaska.

And no, the marina manager is far from a bonehead!;)

PaulinVictoria 01-26-2014 09:10 PM

Re: How do you rate your marina/mooring ?
I leave my harbour and I can see at least 8 islands almost immediately, I am in the southern Gulf Islands, so an excellent area, San Juans are a hop over the border away as well. Don't know the marina manager.

Markwesti 01-26-2014 09:12 PM

Re: How do you rate your marina/mooring ?
DRFerron, that was a good response. In my marina system (there are 2 marinas)they do not allow 20ft. in one marina, and that cuts a lot of people off. I am very interested to hear about the clean marina thing you are talking about . As we have that but it's only a political thing to get funding . Man I am so getting kicked out of my marina .

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