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firemanbob55 09-16-2005 04:40 AM

Mast boot sealer???
I would like to seal up the through deck around my mast. I haven''t had much luck with the boot system. A long time sailor friend told me about a product called Bar Tite that west marine used to sell. It''s
a 2-part product that you mix and pour
into the void to seal the area and prevent leaking. I am unable to find it any place.

HELP... firemanbob

Jeff_H 09-16-2005 05:15 AM

Mast boot sealer???
The material that you are talking about is called ''Spartite''. West Marine still carries it

That said, Spartite is not a waterproof system. Spartite is only a mast partner wedge replacement system. I.E. When you have a keel stepped mast, it should be ''blocked'' at the deck to minimize differential movement. Historically this was done with cedar or other softwood wedges. Direct contact between aluminum and the softwood wedges was less than ideal and so high density urethane foam has become the preferred wedge material. This is a bit hard to shape and install and so Spartight created a poured in place material.

Properly installed Mast boots should not leak if the mast in properly blocked to minimize movement. That said, by their very nature keel stepped masts almost have to leak because water enters the mast at the sheeve boxes and has no where to go but out at the mast butt and below deck wire penetrations.


williamjchampion 09-16-2005 11:26 AM

Mast boot sealer???
I replaced my old rubber wedges with SparTite last year. It did solve the problem of water getting in around the mast. (I still use a Sunbrella cloth boot, since SparTite doesn''t like UV.) Follow the instructions carefully. You need to apply petroleum jelly to anything you don''t want SparTite to stick to (sort of a mold release.) I haven''t unstepped the mast yet, but theoretically, the SparTite will stick to the mast. When the mast is stepped, it should be in the right spot.

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