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eherlihy 02-28-2014 10:21 AM

Has anyone here worked with these guys?;

It is a peer-to-peer boat rental agency, that connects privately owned boats with potential renters. They keep 35% of the rental fee to defer their costs. (This sounds steep to me.)

ASA just announced that they have formed a partnership with BoatBound for charter certification. American Sailing Association Announces Exclusive Partnership With P2P Boat Rental Marketplace, Boatbound | PRLog

sailingfool 03-01-2014 10:01 AM

Re: BoatBound?
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Chartering boats is a high-touch activity and I dont personally think it can be handled via a website, plus I'd agree that 35% too high relative to the rates charged by existing service which from my experience runs more to 15-20%.

dhop24 03-03-2014 03:26 PM

Re: BoatBound?
I rented a Beneteau 46 through them last summer, It was a simple process. I met the owner at his boat in San Francisco on the agreed upon date, where he walked me through his boats safety gear and operation. As far as the 35% I was on the renting side so it did not effect me. The owner seemed really happy his boat was getting used, and with the insurance provided for both the owner and myself including towing Boat US does not seem like much.

Anyway it worked out great and will be using the service in the future as it way cheaper than owning for me.

mike95910 03-06-2014 04:02 PM

Re: BoatBound?
I agree, the commission is high and I am still weary of renting a boat, especially anything over 40+ feet to anyone unless it is professionally captained. I mean there are so many more things involved in running a larger boat than just a 20ft bowrider... Anyhow good idea and glad to see there are sites like this trying to make a difference in a market thats tanking. Another good one that I just saw was Same concept but they also sell and showcase boats as well.

hangupndrive 03-31-2014 12:18 AM

Re: BoatBound?
I have owned a charter boat in Seattle for 7 years. Boatbound is an interesting concept frankly, I haven't crunched the numbers. 35% may be OK. I dont know. My commercial yacht insurance alone is $1500 per year. As I read their agreement, this is covered by them so, this needs to be considered.

There are other things to give one concern. They say they pre-qualify renters/charterers however they don't say how. If you "google" "boat rental Seattle" or "boat charter Seattle" boatbound is not to be found. So, I don't see the marketing value to folks who don't already know about boatbound. Next is the lousy website. I tried to contact owners through the "contact owner" selection. wouldn't work with my iPad. I tried on my laptop and the website generates a message telling me to update Internet explorer. Not to wise to limit the marketing demographic to folks who only have the latest version!

Like I said interesting concept but the initial exposure is far from inspiring confidence. I would love to hear from a boat owner who uses their services. Pm me.

ianroberts 03-31-2014 01:04 AM

Re: BoatBound?
I think the services are good enough for the sudden plan. If the guys have time they can explore a bit. BTW Boatbound has a good reputation in the business as far as I know. Though, never got a chance to avail one.

hangupndrive 03-31-2014 01:52 AM

Re: BoatBound?
Possibly. From the renter's perspective there is little risk. Seems that the thread started off looking at it from the owner's point of view. They may very well have an excellent rep. I'd love to hear from some boat owners who use their booking services.

All a matter of perspective. It may be just fine for an owner looking to pick up a few hundred dollars here and there. I highly doubt it could do much more.

Any Owners out there who care to share?

eherlihy 03-31-2014 08:52 AM

Re: BoatBound?
Yes, I am interested in any experience with them, but in particular boat owners experience.


kptmorgan04 07-10-2014 07:47 AM

Re: BoatBound?
I placed my boat on boatbound a few days ago to see what would happen before crunching the numbers and realizing how much that 35% service fee really cut into the daily rate.
I got a bite within a day for a possible weekend reservation, where I will not be using the boat. Each member has a profile and if they have rented or chartered out a boat before, members are encouraged to give feedback on other party to build reputation etc.
I am not sure yet if I want to do it as it will end up bringing about $325 to me for a two day rental.

For a few obvious reasons, here are my concerns/reservations.
1) Letting someone else who I do not know use my boat for an overnight
2) Having the boat in "charter" condidition for someone else to utilize it. While I keep my boat tidy, there are things that would need to be done differently after every time I use the boat if I was going to be renting it out.
3) My boat is currently on a mooring, which makes doing #2 a little more difficult than swinging by the marina to accomplish.

Where I think it would work best:
Someone who really doesnt use their boat much and could dedicate large chunks of time where the boat would almost exclusively be chartered. That way there wouldnt be the constant "keeping it charter ready" while using it at the same time.

Will provide feedback if I end up using the service.

RobGallagher 07-26-2014 09:54 PM

Re: BoatBound?
So far it all seems easy, until it comes time for them to supply a surveyor. My boat is just over 25 yrs old and the last survey was 3 years ago. According to their own rules someone should be contacting me to do a one hour walk through "survey" of safety equipment, etc....tick tock.

I do, however, keep getting emails reminding me to have my boat surveyed.

Also have multiple reservation requests.... tick tock.

My insurance will probably triple but I almost NEVER use my boat on weekends.

I'll update this if anything exciting happens.

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