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cthoops 03-09-2014 08:43 PM

Not your typical anchor question
Mr. cthoops and I were hoping to upgrade our anchor this season so that we could actually - wait for it - anchor overnight. Right now we have a lightweight danforth anchor that is more of a lunch hook.

We wanted to get one of the new gen anchors but we aren't sure how we would store it. Our bow pulpit (which our current anchor hangs off) is only one rail, and it's curved, so it doesn't appear that a universal bracket-type system will work.

What do people do in this type of situation?


capta 03-09-2014 08:51 PM

Re: Not your typical anchor question
A picture would be helpful.

findrichard 03-09-2014 08:51 PM

Re: Not your typical anchor question
I would install a bow roller assembly for the anchor. That way you don't ever have to lift the anchor. You just pull all the chain or rode in until the anchor snubs up on the roller then lock it in place. If you want to see pictures just google bow roller anchor.

MedSailor 03-10-2014 02:05 PM

If its a next-generation anchor that you're after that you're having trouble storing it you might consider the Mantus which can be disassembled for storage. Since this is a steel anchor it could be heavy and awkward too disassemble and stow with each use. Another option if you consider it a next-generation anchor is the aluminum spade anchor which also disassembles with only one bolt. My last suggestion would be a fortress anchor. As you know the fortress is not a next-generation anchor and is patterned after the Danforth style but the Danforth anchors stow flat nicely on deck it is also lightweight and disassembles.

I think any of these choices would serve you well and remember to always err on the side of more scope rather than less. Happy overnight anchoring and deep sleeping! Once you get comfortable with overnight anchoring all kinds of new boating options open up for you!

Faster 03-10-2014 02:18 PM

Re: Not your typical anchor question
Since you hang a danforth off the pulpit I gather you don't have a proper foredeck locker..

A suitable anchor roller would be the ticket, they are available in a variety of types and sizes, see here:

paulk 03-10-2014 08:32 PM

Re: Not your typical anchor question
If you are anchoring a Bristol 24 (as per your profile), a medium sized Danforth should work well enough overnight, especially in the sandy stretches of the East Coast that you are likely to frequent. How much does your inadequate lunch hook weigh? Danforth recommends their 16-pound standard anchor for a boat up to 31'. We have their 25 pounder for our 36' sloop (along with a second one as a spare that we've never needed to use) and have anchored in lots of places since we got the boat in 1999.

JimsCAL 03-10-2014 09:21 PM

Re: Not your typical anchor question
Although they don't get a lot of love around here, Danforth type anchors actually work pretty well on Long Island Sound. Most of the bottoms are mud, and that's what they are best for. Yes they don't reset well in sudden wind shifts and can get fouled in those conditions, but otherwise they are a pretty good option.

cthoops 03-10-2014 10:48 PM

Re: Not your typical anchor question
I've been off-line for the past 24 hours (yes, I started going through SailNet withdrawal), so here is the picture that Capta requested.

I'm not sure how much our Danforth weighs. Mr. Cthoops seems to think it's 16 pounds, but I would have thought it would be more difficult for me to lift at that weight. Then again, perhaps I have more upper body strength than I realized. We'll have to check it out when we're at the boat next weekend. Our boat is only 24 feet but it's 6,000 pounds.

It's good to hear that the Danforth might actually be a decent option, but after reading so many horrors stories about them, I'm not sure how well I'd sleep at night.

paulk 03-11-2014 07:38 AM

Re: Not your typical anchor question
If you go for a bigger Danforth, make sure it fits in your holder. You don't want the stock and chain dangling or interfering with your jib furler, or you'd have to make a new arrangement for stowing it. We've slept happily on our Danforth in places from Ellis Island NY to Burnt Island ME, and our boat weighs about 10 tons.

Bene505 03-11-2014 08:50 AM

Re: Not your typical anchor question
Simpliest thing would be to get a Fortress. They disassemble and are lightweight, since they are made of aluminum. These 2 features allow you to store it somewhere else when you are not overnighting.

Good luck. Overnighting is half the fun and opens up new cruisung grounds, as it allows you to make longer trips.


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