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Gregrosine 05-31-2014 12:40 PM

topping lift
My topping lift keeps my boom at the right angle for my inmast furler. It keeps the boom from hitting me in the head. But how do I use the topping lift for increasing the performance of my mainsail?

PaulinVictoria 05-31-2014 12:42 PM

Re: topping lift
It can support the weight of the boom in light air to allow you to get a fuller shape to your sail. That's about it.

ScottyG24 06-04-2014 01:22 AM

topping lift
Raise the boom with topping lift to give the main more camber in light winds. Lower the boom for less camber to de-power (flatten) the sail in high winds. I believe you can head up better in this config aswell. More experinced sailors please correct me if ive missed something.

PaulinVictoria 06-04-2014 02:56 AM

Re: topping lift
The topping lift isn't going to help lower the boom in high winds (although if it's set too tight it will stop you doing that). Flattening the sail is done via vang, cunningham, reef, mainsheet, outhaul et.

ScottyG24 06-04-2014 08:06 AM

topping lift
Thank you Paulin. I should of mentioned we use it inconjuntion with the mainsheet,vang etc etc to achieve certain sail shapes

captflood 06-04-2014 02:34 PM

Re: topping lift
GREETINGS EARTHLINGS; You can use the topping lift to scandlise the main (take out the drive ) when closing in onto targets. can also use it to get stuff aboard from the dinghy or quay-side AS ALWAYS GO SAFE

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