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bgruen 07-02-2001 10:41 AM

McGregor 36 Catamaran
Does anybody have any info or any idea whrer to get info on the mcgregor 36 ???

c4s4b4 07-14-2001 03:10 PM

McGregor 36 Catamaran
I have been searching for information for several months on the Macgregor 36. I have not found any one site that gives the information instead have found many small ads for them, many people talking about them and very few for sale. But I would love to know if you find any definitive information about them.

RobHoman 07-15-2001 06:28 AM

McGregor 36 Catamaran
I''ve never heard of a McGregor 36 Catamaran, but then I don''t consider myself the final word on anything....

But I can recommend that you run a search for the magazine "Multihulls" and when you find it check out their web site and contact them with your questions. They are pretty much up to speed on Catamarans and such...its their whole world.

The only McGregor''s that I am familiar with are monohulls. And their latest success story has been a 26'' sailboat that carries a 40HP motor and it can be used as a motor boat or sail as it has a folding mast and is trailerable.....

They have a website also...and they are located out in CA. Maybe they have begun to manufacture a Cat. Since the name is the same I would start there....Copyright and trademark lawyers get real hinky whne someone else uses a clients "name".

Hope this helps alittle...

BenDaniels 07-15-2001 11:35 AM

McGregor 36 Catamaran
Saw a few of them back in the late 1980''s or early 1990''s. You could always tell them by the float-like structure at the top of the mast....sort of a sailboat version of training wheels on a kid''s bicycle. MacGregor certainly marches to a different drummer...don''t they. Possibly, they will make them again; only this time with really big hulls, for extra windage, and a 50 hp outboard on each one. How do they sell so many boats? I think I''ll operate mine from the dock with a remote''s safer. Sorry...I''s Sunday...and I want to go sailing...but it''s gray and dreary in Seattle. Heck..we do need light air practice..I''m outta here!

c4s4b4 07-15-2001 10:02 PM

McGregor 36 Catamaran
just to let all the mono hull sailors know... macgregor made these boats from roughly 1972-1980. They are a model/copy of many 36'' trailerable cats out there. Supposedly more reliable then most macgregors are though. for a large trailerable cat they are a beautiful boat. The several people I know who own them love them dearly.

sainteve 09-16-2006 06:05 PM

I have two Macgregor 36' catamaran's. They're great daysailors. Curently, I'm going through coast guard certification. It's an inexpensive way to get into the commercial catamaran business. I'm in Key West if your interested in taking a look. Call me a 305 896-3878. I painted the cat's neon Pink and will be calling them the "Pink Catillac's". Talk soon.
Captain Steve

Karocky1 01-19-2009 04:19 PM

36' Mac Cat
There are 3 in Racine Wis. Racine Yacht Club Members. 1 is for sale $18,000. I have all original sales materials from dealer including owners manuals, original factory test results and color brochures. There were 300 built by MacGregor between 1979-82.
In my oppinion they were before there time. With some modern sails and very slight rigging adjustments, they can reach 22+knots easily. Hang on!
I added UK Tape Drive Sails. Floats on the top are for the fearful not a stock item. They are trailorable but do not recomend. Mine is fully loaded from the factory. For the money you won't find anything better.
Alot of these boats were flipped in the beginning for lack of knowledge of what a "GIANT" beach cat can do for the times. So there are not many left. You have questions I would love to answer them.
My perticular boat has great history of many victories form Galveston Texas, to Florida and beyond. The original Captain quite a single handed sailor. Now though, day sailing in the Great Lake of Michigan. Yacht Club Members always ask me how long it takes me to sail from port to port. I crossed Lake Michigan in 5 hours.
I did almost flip it in the summer of 2007, but my 18' Hobie Cat experience saved the boat and 8 on board. We were flying a hull from Racine to Kenosha when a gust hit and took her up to the edge. Bailed the Main and turned into the wind, down she came. Crew hanging from the life lines like flags. This boat is a RUSH!

popeyeforearm 01-19-2009 04:23 PM

Sorry for the off topic I was reading the thread intently when I realized it was pretty old, like 8 years old! I don't think I was even into internet in 2001 though I know that I already had a PC back then :cool:
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Karocky1 01-20-2009 01:54 PM

MacGregor 36 Catamaran
I was searching for some ideas on what others have done to this boat as far as rigging and sails go, because I'm getting ready to make some changes myself. I'm taking the Baby stay off the mast and raising it 6-8' and adding a working jib. Thats when I found this web site and felt I needed to inform people that the MacGregor Catamaran is alive and Kickin'... "Catch me if you can"

wes25nor 01-22-2009 08:03 PM

Mac36 as weekend cruiser.
How's life aboard this boat as a weekend cruiser. I understand the cramp quarters but it's described as having berths, galley and portable heads. I'm interested in cruising LI sound along the CT/RI area. Also has anyone rigged a temp. bimini for shade, if so how does that work for you? Thanks, Bill
PS, I considering purchase.

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