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Denr 07-09-2001 07:08 AM

Summer Flies on the Great Lakes
Does anyone have a sure-fire method short of a shotgun to deal with those annoying biters? It seems that when you kill them, the blood and carnage only attracts more of the same. I have tried the fabric softener sheet, but it has no real effect. Fly traps?

RichH 07-09-2001 08:33 AM

Summer Flies on the Great Lakes
The only thing that I''ve found that really works is rubbing on a thick layer of Noxema Skin Cream on all exposed skin. Works for black flies, green heads, deer flies, gnats, etc. ... even in sub-arctic bogs, etc. Makes a sticky, gooey mess but it works..... and you have to reapply every hour or two.

Irwin32 07-09-2001 06:32 PM

Summer Flies on the Great Lakes
I have battled them for many years to no avail. I heard this year that spraying your boat with Yard Guard helps, though I have not yet tried that.

herblandes 07-27-2001 05:31 PM

Summer Flies on the Great Lakes
One question: Are these flies a big problem? Please tell me more about your experiences

Denr 07-30-2001 06:09 AM

Summer Flies on the Great Lakes
Yes at various times of the season. They seem to be attracted to sailboats and other slow moving vessels like magnets. I certainty don''t want to spray my boat down with a pesticides. Any environmentally friendly ways you can think of to scuttle their activity would be greatly appreciated.

wfeaster1 08-02-2001 02:08 PM

Summer Flies on the Great Lakes
We sail our CD25 out of Oswego Harbor and these flys (something like house flys with a wicked bite ) are a pain in the butt . We have found no sure fire method of detering them . We have filled the cockpit with corpses . But a good slathering of sunscreen helps some . His & hers flyswatters and 20 mph breeze is about the best though . Any other ideas ?

RichH 08-02-2001 06:38 PM

Summer Flies on the Great Lakes
Noxema skin cream. Slather it on all exposed skin. .... works for black flies, gnats and no-seeums too.

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