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Quickstep192 07-24-2001 03:17 PM

How can I get rid of these #@$% ants
Ants have taken over my boat. I''ve sprayed, scrubbed, set traps and done everything I can think of to get rid of them. I don''t keep any food on the boat, so I can''t even figure out what they''re after. They''re the relatively harmess little ants, but they''re really plucking my nerves. I think they''re coming across the dock line, but spraying that isn''t helping. Any ideas?

RobHoman 07-24-2001 06:39 PM

How can I get rid of these #@$% ants
Short of burning the boat, there actually are one or two things you can do. Sprinkle cinnamon, yep, burns the ants feet or something like that. Buy a bottle of whats known as "Roach-Pruf" or something like that. The active ingredient is boric acid. It kills ants. You can also spread bay leaves around the boat. Ants don''t like bay leaf.

I know of some other things you can do, but they would turn your boat into a toxic waste dump. You might also want to wipe down any surface where they are found with bleach, and take no boxes or cardboard of any kind on the boat. All food stuffs have to be in plastic zip lock bags or sealable airtight containers like tupperware.

If you an get rid of the attractant...quite possible sugar or something else sweet... you will lick the problem. The little ants you are describing sound alittle like what we call "sugar ants". They are a nuisance, but you can get rid of them. Also, spray your dock lines all the way around with a bug killer.

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