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sedavis 10-01-2000 04:10 PM

removing sail numbers
I have removed some old sail numbers from my newly purchased sail but they left a residue from the adhesive. Any sugestions on how to clean this off? UPDATE: I tried acetone and Goo-Gone, still trying to remove the residue. Guess I''ll just sail far away from people so nobody will notice.

whisper 10-03-2000 02:54 PM

removing sail numbers
I am going to try skin so soft from Avon, it cleans everything, rust, paint, etc. It''s also a very good insect repellant. Or even baby oil should work, both are non-abrasive. I''ll let you know how it works.

ps no I don''t sell avon

RichH 10-13-2000 06:09 AM

removing sail numbers
Use "Goo-Gone", available from Sailrite, com. , etc.

whisper 10-15-2000 04:47 AM

removing sail numbers
Ignore my previous message about skin so soft for removing adhesive from "SAILS", I misread the question and gave you a response for removing letter (or any) adhesives from the hull!! In hull applications, skin so soft works great!!
If it desolves adhesives, it very well might delaminate some kinds of sail materials.

MikeField 10-16-2000 03:35 AM

removing sail numbers
My sailmaker suggested acetone, but I didn''t find it particularly good. Don''t know whether I can get <I>Goo-Gone</I> out here, but I''m going to look for some. That adhesive''s bloody awful stuff, isn''t it?

gwilli 12-20-2000 05:03 AM

removing sail numbers
I just finished removing sail numbers that had been on a sail for 13 years. I used a blow dryer to remove the letters and Goo-Gone for the residue. Admittedly the glue was tough. I had to let it set-up for a while and wipe away with paper towels and then reapply and wait and wipe again. Actually what ended up working best was to let the Goo-Gone set up and then gently scrape it to a center spot with a plastic scraper/squeegie and then wipe up the glob with a paper towel. When the layer of residue became real thin I went back to the wipe up only technique with the paper towel. Lots of elbow grease, Goo-Gone and paper towels will get the job done though.

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