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jmedina 08-15-2001 10:44 AM

Mast Grounding
Have a 90'' C-22...could anyone out there please advise as to the best ways/methods on grounding a mast on one of these.

Thanks in advance,


RobHoman 08-15-2001 04:08 PM

Mast Grounding
In order to ground your mast you will need to drill a hole in your mast and attach a 1/0 Marine batery type cable to it and pull the boat out of the water and mount a grounding block on the outside of the hull below the waterline. DO NOT use one of the blocks that is instended for a ground for SSB''s. A lightning strike would blow that plate right off the hull. You are almost better off leaving the mast "isolated" because if you integrate the mast grounding with your boats grounding system you may end up blowing your thruhulls or propshaft out of the boat in the event of a strike.

You might want to consult Nigel Calders book about this, or Don Casey''s book on Sailboat Electrics.

jmedina 08-16-2001 05:11 AM

Mast Grounding
Very helpful info, Rob. I''m gonna take your advise and leave it the way it is...thanks!

P.S. Your postings to "Windfairy" were hysterical!! :)

RobHoman 08-16-2001 01:57 PM

Mast Grounding
jamie....Thank you. I''m always happy to hear I made someone smile or laugh. ;->

BTW- If you have a copy of addresses the whole subject of lightning and what to do. Makes for interesting reading.

And then read in Nigel Calder''s book and pay particular attention to the section on grounding and bonding vs isolation....then try to figure out which is the best way to go. Here''s a hint: Keep a BIG bottle of Excedrin handy.... :-)

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