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bruce123 08-18-2001 11:14 AM

nonsuch questions
I have found several nonsuch boats in my search for new(er) that look interesting, but am unfamiliar with that kind. With my limited sailing bacground, the wish bone sail plan seems pretty radical, and I worry about unintentional gibes. Does "classic" and "ultra" refer to fixed or swing keel? Would be grateful to hear any thoughts others may have- especially toward stability, handling, and re sale value. Thanks.

MikeMoss 08-23-2001 01:03 PM

nonsuch questions
First off all I don''t like the Nonsuch designs at all. That mast is going to let go sometime, no stays to hold onto as you go forward and they are ugly. No Nonsuch has ever endured an Atlantic crossing. The rigs break from the motion.

That said they are fast cruisers, gentlemen don''t sail to windward anyway. They are very roomy and being Hinterhoellers are well made and of shoal draft also. You can''t go with the PHRF ratings on the Nonsuch as they will not compete hard on the wind and can''t fly a spinnaker. But most of us sloops can''t fly them anyway with a small crew. Add about 29 to other boats PHRF''s to compare the boats then.

I had a cruising "race" with a Nonsuch 30 in my C&C 35. My PHRF is 150 without a spinnaker. On the wind I can beat that boat with just my genny. No mainsail needed! On a run I have to use the boom vang and whisker pole to beat it. In light air on a reach I am faster. In heavy air off the wind the long water line of the Nonsuch is a benefit.

In summary there is no way I would own a Nonsuch. You can''t race them. They are not made anymore yet the used price is high as they have a cult following. So the resale may be OK as long as you get a good deal.

They are easy to sail. Never jibe one. You just come about on the other tack. That''s all there is to it. No big deal.

bruce123 08-27-2001 08:10 AM

nonsuch questions
mike- thanks for your reply and thoughts. i believe i agree w/ each point you mentioned. my search for the perfect chesapeake bay (and a little beyond) sailboat does continue...

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