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WLJarrell 11-02-2001 03:46 AM

Cape Dory Bronze Portlights
Hello All, My name is Bill Jarrell. I have a ''76 CD25 that I sail in and around Belfast Maine (Penobscot Bay). I''m sorry to bother all of you who aren''t Cape Dory owners, but for the life of me I can''t figure how I am susposed to log on to the Sailnet Cape Dory site. Out of sheer desperation I tried this "frontal" approach. The reason I''m writing is that I''m planning on replacing my plastic portlight rings with bronze. I have contacted Roger at Bristol Bronze to have duplicates in bronze made for both the inside cabin ring and it''s corresponding outside ring. Talking with Roger the thought would be to have a complete set (possibly including glass/Plexiglas), with one ring having countersunk mounting screws and the other ring having corresponding tapped threaded holes. He doesn''t know how much they will cost, as he hasn''t seen them yet, or how much interest there is out there in the CD community for "drop in" bronze replacements.

If your outside portlight ring is 32" and the small one is 14" then you have the same size as mine.

I''m sort of feeling my way along this and if you have any ideas please let me know. If you are interested let me know and I''ll pass your interest on to Rodger.


wwilson 11-03-2001 04:57 AM

Cape Dory Bronze Portlights

I can''t help with the portlights, but maybe with the Cape Dory e-mail list.

Go to "Community", click on "e-mail lists", choose "C" from the menu then scroll to "Cape Dory".

That will bring up the instructions. You "join", and you will get an e-mail confirmation from the server that you MUST respond to.

Thereafter anytime any member posts a Q or A to that address, you get copied via e-mail. Some of these groups have sparse comm. Your post here may pay off just as well.

Good Luck,

joub 11-23-2001 08:41 PM

Cape Dory Bronze Portlights
Am not familiar with CD ports other than observing that they are round bronze. Unless there is something specific about them that makes them "one of a kind", bronze ports are available from New Found Metals of Port Townsend WA. They have a web page and show both 5" and 8" bronze ports for around $160.


wfeaster1 11-25-2001 04:35 AM

Cape Dory Bronze Portlights
Ports are avalable threw Spartin Marine who made them for Cape Dory . you can get the linc from California Cape Dory Owners .

WLJarrell 11-25-2001 09:13 AM

Cape Dory Bronze Portlights
Thanks for your responses. My CD25 doesn''t have the round ring portlights. Rather it has squashed ovals (can''t remember the geometric name for the shape. The larger of the squashed ovals is 32" and the smaller is 14".


VIEXILE 11-26-2001 08:28 AM

Cape Dory Bronze Portlights
Since Robinhood Marine/Spartan Marine are both located about an hour''s drive from Belfast, and they bought the CD (at least the 36) molds and many parts (Robinhood did) and Spartan makes the ports, I''ll bet you could get what you need fairly quickly. Robinhood Cove, Maine? I think? Down towards Wiscasset and downriver from the Wiscasset bridge. Or is that Damariscotta? Been away from home too long (across the bay from Belfast)....KW

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