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ThunderFog 11-20-2006 01:04 PM

Speaking of Rum - Hot Rum
I just particpated in race two of the Hot Rum Series down in San Diego. They serve hot buttered rum after the race. It is very nice. Anyone have a recipe?

RayMetz100 11-20-2006 01:19 PM

fill your mug about half full with rum
put in a heavy scoop of store-bought hot buttered rum or tom/jerry mix
stir to disolve mix
add water till 3/4 full
heat in microwave
add small scoop of ice cream and enjoy

If you're making a large batch or for a party, you can prepare it in a stove pot instead of the microwave. Make sure to pre-heat the mugs though and add the ice cream in the mugs, not the pot.

If it's a large party with women, start with a lower rum/water ratio until most of the women are drinking, then increase the rum ratio as the party progresses.


ThunderFog 11-20-2006 01:31 PM

Ice cream? Hmmm. Doesn't sound right but I guess I will have to try it.

RayMetz100 11-20-2006 01:48 PM

The ice cream is optional. I saw it from my wife's family christmas party and it was great. For a hardy sailor, you can skip the ice cream, hot-buttered-rum mix, the heat, and the mug. Rum out of the bottle should be fine. But hot-buttered-rum allows women and others to enjoy the rum too. So the ice-cream is really for them. It makes the rum more festive and aproachable.

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