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bootsy1962 11-25-2001 06:01 AM

Buccaneer 29.5 (US Yachts)
I previously obtained specifications from the internet on our 1977 29.5 Buccaneer sailboat. It says that the beam is 12''3". We are trying to get a new slip, and the boat cannot be any wider than 12''. We went down and measured and came up with nowhere near that. It was closer to 11''. I would like to research this boat further. Any suggestions? We know that the boat hull was designed by Doug Peterson.

fishclan 11-25-2001 10:27 AM

Buccaneer 29.5 (US Yachts)
here is some help ok

See if that address works. If not I can get you another one.


oer 12-08-2001 07:13 AM

Buccaneer 29.5 (US Yachts)
Practical Sailor reviewed the Buccaneer 29.5 and published some specs about 1 to 1.5 years ago. You may want to check their website and get a back copy of the article. You are correct about the beam being less than 12 feet. In fact it''s actually closer to 10''. You are also correct about the hull being designed by Doug Peterson. The same hull design was used for the Chaser 29 IOR Half Tonner which won the World Championship in ''75. Chaser Yacht Sales of Canada went belly up shortly thereafter and Buccaneer acquired the spare hulls and molds. I''ve been sailing a Chaser 29 for years, and for several years was docked next to a Buccaneer 29.5. The hulls are indeed identical, but except for the hull the boats are quite different, both above and below the waterline. I''ve got several pics on sailnet, so you can see for yourself.

ariasis1 03-27-2009 07:17 PM

Chaser 29
Hi I know this is an old thread but I'm looking for any information I can find on the Chaser 29 drawn by Doug Peterson. I'm looking at one.

Faster 03-27-2009 07:39 PM

The Chaser 29 was built by an outfit in Ontario for a time as an IOR half tonner, there was also a 33 made at the same time. These hull molds ended up at Bayliner/Buccaneer/US Yachts and became the Buccaneer 295 with a modified deck and interior plan. It was further modified into the US 30 - not to be confused with the Buccaneer 305 - a Bill Garden design.

Though today it's quite an outdated design, a good one would probably still provide some good round-the-cans racing in a local fleet. As a cruiser it will be minimalist - limited headroom and amenities compared to the later versions.

What area? Which boat?

blt2ski 03-27-2009 07:42 PM

I have to ask this, is a chaser 29 or 33 for that matter, the same as a model I have heard called a Chase? There was one of these next to me in Everett Wa when I was up there. Looked fast, but from what I was told, it was slow!

ariasis, good luck on finding info!


ariasis1 03-27-2009 08:25 PM

Faster I'm looking .. at one in Michigan. Looks like a good boat and I figure I can do a few modifications to make the interior a bit for plush / family friendly to do a bit of cruising. .. and maybe when the baby gets a bit bigger do some racing..

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