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denniskoury 12-04-2001 09:10 PM

sailing us virgin islands
I will be chartering a boat in Feb.02 and need help with 3 questions. 1. What are the best things to do and see.2. Where are the best places to find single women? 3.Are there any single women down there?

VIEXILE 12-06-2001 03:31 AM

sailing us virgin islands
You''re probably chartering out of Compass Point area, so the first thing is probably stay east. No need to go into Charlotte Amalie harbor. Take a cab. Red Hook can keep you busy on any given night (wow, I almost feel jaded) with a half dozen bars. Cruz Bay is great, Beach Bar, Woody''s, etc. Sail around the west end of STJ and spend some time at Skinny Legs. Sail toward the east and do the beaches east of Caneel. Check out National Park Rules on moorings, anchoring, etc., because they''re in flux, and federal fines suck. Bring a passport and skate past Mary''s Point putting little Thatch to port and roll into West End Tortola and clear in at the customs dock, harbor left. Hang out at Soper''s Hole or go to Jost Van Dyke to the north or Cane Garden Bay out around the corner. Go back around West End and you''ve got another couple hundred places to hang out - Willie T, Roadtown, East End, Spanishtown and everything in between. Man, I''ve got to get out of this office and head east rather than go to the boatyard again this weekend. Oh yeah, wahoo tournament this Sunday.....

kimberlt 12-06-2001 04:15 PM

sailing us virgin islands
have you seen kimberlite this season?

VIEXILE 12-07-2001 08:58 AM

sailing us virgin islands
No, but I''ll go look if you want me to. I''ve got two boats in the yard and can scoot over to AYH and check the lines if you like....KW Oh - By the way - there''s two Super Maramus outside my window right now. I think they''re both Supers. One''s got a deeper reverse transom and looks newer than the other. Both are flying U.S. flags. I just don''t know if I''d like the helm right against the bulkhead like that. Have to handle it for awhile, I guess....

kimberlt 12-07-2001 04:31 PM

sailing us virgin islands
i just wondered if you were over that way.
if you happen to go by drop me a note. i have some one watching her for me.
where is your office.

kimberlt 12-07-2001 04:32 PM

sailing us virgin islands
can you see where they are from in the us?

VIEXILE 12-08-2001 08:56 AM

sailing us virgin islands
Can''t see the transoms on the Amels. The one on the dock at Lavida is, I believe, the one owned by a Doctor that advertises in the classifieds in Cruising World, Latts & Atts or somewhere for charters. Nice looking boat. You might track this guy down and coordinate a daysail or overnight when he''s on island. I''d want to see about the bulkhead-mounted helm. I don''t know why, but I''m not real excited about it. Theres an Amel for sale (46?) in SXM that was holed in one of the hurricanes. My understanding is that the hulls are cored and a bitch to repair. In any event, I was at AYH last night - had a skippers meeting for the Wahoo Windup tournament tomorrow - the docks were dark, but if your boat is the dark blue one with all the stainless it''s a beauty. Couldn''t see the transom. Looked like a Pacific Seacraft to me. We were in a hurry and didn''t hang out. I''m headed back to Independent Boatyard right now, and have to pick up dinner at Marina Market, so I''ll go take a daylight look. The weigh-in for the Wahoo tournament is at the fuel dock, I believe. I''ll check the lines. Enjoy the weather up there while you can. I hear it''s going to get nasty fast. KW

VIEXILE 12-08-2001 08:58 AM

sailing us virgin islands
Oh yeah, my office is in Charlotte Amalie overlooking the harbor (District Court Building). The Amels are about twice as far as I can throw a rock from my window. KW

kimberlite 12-08-2001 05:06 PM

sailing us virgin islands
what do you do in st thomas?

kimberlite 12-08-2001 05:11 PM

sailing us virgin islands
sorry didn''t see your previous post.
kimberlite is a 1979 tartan 37 blue hull .
yes she is the one with a lot of stainless and a wind generator. i lovingly restored her myself. the weather here in new york just turned lousy. i guess you can''t expect good weather in december.

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