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Denr 12-28-2001 06:28 AM

Today''''s Tip of the day
Today''s tip of the day (which by the way is a rerun) states that a fabric softener sheet tucked in ones shirt pocket discourages insects. This is not true as I tried it this summer on several occasions. The softener sheets have a somewhat sweet smell. I maintain that it actually attracts the little suckers! The sheets do make the bunk sheets, linens and galley towels smell nice. If anyone has the answer to a fly/bug repellant (other than the obvious chemical sprays) you have just earned yourself two sailboat rides on Lake Michigan, a retail value of $450!

wizardscocoon 12-28-2001 06:56 AM

Today''''s Tip of the day
I believe only the BOUNCE brand softner sheets work to keep the pesky biters away. I''ve tried it seems to work for us.

BigRed56 12-30-2001 06:05 PM

Today''''s Tip of the day
Ahoy Denr, I use a shotgun and lots of practice. For years I used the ZEN method of acknowledgement and dismisal of the annoyance but I''ve found more enjoyment in my kill em all method latley. Did I win at least a laugh? Big Red56

Denr 01-02-2002 05:23 AM

Today''''s Tip of the day
GrossRotSechsundfunfzig (BigRed56)
Thanks for the smile. I''ve tried your method of fly removal but patching the holes in the boat took too much time away from sailing. Inasmuch as you own a boat, you''ll probably take a pass on the sailboat ride for correctly answering the tip of the day question so I''ll send you the money instead. Next quandary....what is the meaning of life?

Snap 01-02-2002 06:00 AM

Today''''s Tip of the day

FTHOMSON 01-02-2002 08:06 PM

Today''''s Tip of the day
Life: That thing that happens to you while you are trying to plan your future.

FTHOMSON 01-02-2002 08:12 PM

Today''''s Tip of the day
...but to answer your original question; Try using cedar. You can purchase red cedar in strips or convienently cut into little balls. Spread them around your locker<s> and the insects stay away and your clothes smell like your Grandma''s.

It works well for me and even keeps the d@mn middle east cockroaches out of the boat.


duffyM 01-03-2002 01:56 AM

Today''''s Tip of the day
200 years ago the cowboys thought that if you put a horse hair rope around your bed roll at night the rattle snakes would not venture across it because it tickled there chin,,,,,,a lot of men died thinking this.My point is anchor farther off shore,there is nothing that works all the time but greesy old repelent

BigRed56 01-05-2002 03:36 AM

Today''''s Tip of the day
Ahoy Denr, The meaning of life is sailing. As far as a real answer the bugs are attracted by body heat and the emission of
CO2 by humans and animals. Most commercial products try to mask this so the little buggers can''t home in on you. Anything that does a similar function will work wether on you or in the air around you. Big Red 56

kms 01-05-2002 04:20 PM

Today''''s Tip of the day
Did you get my e-mail about my bug juice?

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