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lizzieb23 02-25-2007 12:46 AM

Boatyard in/around NYC area?
I recently moved to the NYC area and have a Tanzer 28 which I want to bring to the area, and work on her/sail her during the summer. Can anyone suggest a boatyard in the area? I prefer someplace which doesn't require car since NYC residents such as myself don't tend to have cars (though some of us still keep our sailboats!:rolleyes: )

paulk 02-25-2007 11:31 AM

City Island is accessible by bus and has a good number of clubs/yards & boats. Where you are in NYC makes a difference in how easy it would be to get there. You may want to look in Brooklyn or Queens if they're closer.

hellosailor 02-25-2007 12:03 PM

Lizzie, what borough?

lizzieb23 02-25-2007 04:17 PM

Oh I'm quite willing to go as far as Suffolk Cty as long as there is public transportation of various sorts. City Island sounds interesting but expensive? Can I work on my boat in these places(example: repaint? a bit of carpentry?)

hellosailor 02-25-2007 07:37 PM

Lizzie, if you want to do bottom paint, you need to check with the yard. A number of yards up in New Rochelle (Echo Bay) stopped allowing bottom painters years ago because the EPA or NYS can shut them down if the paint or removed paint dust gets in the ground and they are declared toxic waste sites. They're scared, for good reason.

Most yards will still allow bottom paint, but DIY hull paint is less likely because they are worried you'll get overspray on the next boats and folks will sue for damages. Again, you need to check with the yard. Gateway Marina (aka Dead Horse Bay) at the south end of Flatbush Avenue, across from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, could work for you. A short bus transfer or stiff walk from the F train, informal relatively cheap, you'll need to watch the charts and shoals to get in/out though, but there isn't much in NYC that has both yard space and transit access.

Oyster Bay Marina is almost at the Oyster Bay LIRR yards, an easy commute (40 minutes?) by LIRR and good deep water but I have no idea about allowing work in the yard. Could be faster to reach than City Island, which requires a long subway ride and then another bus transfer, for most of NYC.

If the transit time to City Island doesn't bother you, ask at the yacht clubs there. Many are old and informal, yard space is tight but you're joining a real club not just storing a boat. Could be worth the day to go up and walk around.

And then I think there's one called Liberty State Marina (not sure of the name) just north of Libetry State Park in NJ, which is supposed to be reasonable and easy to reach via PATH train if you're starting out from parts of Manhattan. A nuisance double-commute for the rest of NYC though.

I think that's all you'll find convenient to NYC that meets your requirements for yard space and transit though. Don't know about further out on the North Shore.

Hesper 02-27-2007 11:11 AM


City Island is no more expensive than most and you may actually find it more reasonable than many. The Yacht Clubs will let you do your own work, the commercial yards generally draw the line at bottom painting - you have to let them do it. You'll need to take the Number 6 train to Pelham Bay Park, then switch to a city bus for City Island. During the week, express buses run from Madison Ave in Manhattan during the early part of rush hour.

rperret 02-27-2007 08:35 PM

Lizzie - have you also gone to the Yahoo Tanzer group too? It is a great resource for tanzer owners - i've owned one for 5 years and found it to be one of the best on-line resources.


NYCSailor84 04-24-2008 08:21 PM

I was just curious if you ended up finding a convenient place to keep your boat? I just purchased a boat that is located up on the Hudson, and would like to relocate it to the Long Island Sound.


jjablonowski 04-24-2008 08:37 PM

How about Westchester?
If you're near Grand Central Terminal, then Mamaroneck in suburban Westchester County is a 36-minute train ride away, and the station is four blocks from the edge of the harbor. There are at least four yards in the harbor that would be appropriate for your boat, including Nichols Yacht Yard, which is about four blocks further away from the foot of Mamaroneck Avenue.

None are inexpensive; but then, welcome to Gotham. :)

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