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Cruisingdad 03-02-2007 05:25 PM

Photo, Photo-Giu!!

I wrote this for Giu & T-34. To fully appreciate it, you need to hum the Scooby-Doo song along with it. Come on now, you old farts, everybody remembers Scooby-Doo! So with a beer and a cheer, here goes:

Photo, photo, Giu,
Where are you?
We need some laughs from you now.

Photo, Photo, Giu,
Where are you?
We need some pics from you now.

You know we got a thread to read
and PhotoGiu we're ready for your act-
A Photobucket attack!

And PhotoGiu if you get duped,
you know that T has got your back!
(well, way-WAY back!!)

Photo, Photo, Giu,
WHere are YOU?
We need some laughs from you now.

A Racer wanna-be,
A Cruiser in the need,
We need some pics from you now!!

Oh, SMILE all and have a great weekend. The drinking already started here!!

A little laugh from CD and fair winds you good-for-nothings!!!

- CD

cockeyedbob 03-02-2007 06:37 PM

ok CD, you trying out for American Idol or America's Most Wanted?

... that'll be rollin' 'round me poor brain pan all weekend .... crap, now me foot's a tappin' ....

cockeyedbob 03-02-2007 07:10 PM

Oh Lordy folks, he's, he's up and dancin' ! Mamma, come home quick, just in time for the weekend! Owwwwww

tdw 03-02-2007 07:13 PM


I'm not sure what worries me most, that you know something called the Scooby Doo tune or that you would admit to knowing it. :eek:


soul searcher 03-02-2007 09:42 PM

Rut ro raggy i raw a wombat..

sailingdog 03-02-2007 10:24 PM


I think we'll all be much happier if you don't post a video of you singing. :D

TDW- Love the wombat as avatar... beats the screwed up engineering project you had previously.

cockeyedbob 03-02-2007 10:33 PM

sd, you're a genius! Soundbites with the text and photos!

camaraderie 03-03-2007 12:01 AM

That's no wombat...that's the hamster dance!

Hey Giu...this is Fred safe!!

sailingdog 03-03-2007 12:20 AM


That's almost as bad as the badgers....BTW, my nephews love this one and it is kid safe... but you really should watch it through until the end.

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