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Archis 03-15-2007 04:54 PM

Oriental to Baltimore
Does anybody know how many days it would take to move a sailboat from Oriental to Baltimore? The boat will motor around 6kts.

camaraderie 03-15-2007 08:48 PM

8 days...sticking to daylight hours and making 50-60 miles a day.

sailingdog 03-15-2007 09:28 PM


It is unwise to think that the boat will make six knots when you're motoring, since the tidal currents may have a significant impact on that... I don't know how strong the tidal currents are in that region, as I don't generally sail it much...

IMHO, motoring 10-12 hours a day is going to require a good autopilot or some crew. It will be pretty monotonous otherwise.

Whampoa 03-16-2007 12:27 AM


A quick plot shows 325-350 NM from Oriental. As you may know, there are some large bodies of water to traverse on that route. This time of year the fronts dropping down from the N and NE can make the route pretty sporty.

Are you planning to have a delivery captain move the boat or will you do it yourself? From a few of your other posts I have the impression this may be your first boat and I am not clear how much experience you have. If you plan to take the boat, will you have an experienced crew and if so how many.

Camaraderie's estimate of 50-60 miles per day might be a bit much if you are new to the boat and your crew is not sufficiently experienced. sailingdog makes good points about your planned cruising speed. While the tides in the Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds are mostly wind driven a large portion of your planned trip is up the Chesapeake Bay. A quick look at Reed's for he East Coast suggests tides in the 1-3 knot range.

A more conservative 30-40 N miles per day might be advisable as a planning estimate. Then you should build in a number of weather days when you won't be able to move.

Anyway, a few thoughts from another Oriental boatowner.

Good Luck on your trip. Be safe and don't push a bad position just to get there. Leave yourself plenty of time and the trip should be a real nice adventure as spring comes on.

Archis 03-16-2007 08:28 AM

Whampoa thanks for your input, yes I am a first time boat owner. 7 to 8 days is going to be too long for me and my buddy (the experienced skipper) to bring her up due to the time commitment. We'll probably split it with a delivery captain.

Do you have any recommondations for a captain and yard in ONC?

sailingdog 03-16-2007 08:53 AM

How big is the sailboat in question. Unless it is a larger boat, moving it overland via truck may be faster, cheaper and simpler.

Whampoa 03-16-2007 09:20 AM

Sorry, I don't have a recommendation for a delivery captain. I can recommend Sailcraft Services in Oriental on Whittaker Creek. I have worked with them since bringing my boat to Oriental last July. Talk to Cathy in the office or Alan the owner and you will find them helpful.

sailingdog's idea may have merit for you. I trucked Whampoa back from La Conner WA last July without any problem. The firm I used was out of Washington, NC and have worked with Alan and the SailCraft Services yard before. Alan may be able to recommend other maritime trucking companies as well.

The firm in Washington, NC was Deepwater Transport. I found them by contacting Rob Lee at Martime Transport up in Mass. He was recommended to me by the Crocker Boat Yard. Rob is now providing brokering services for maritime transports.

Sailingdog, you might have the best idea here....Archis, looking at the weather along the East coast today give you an idea of the mess you can find yourself in this time of year.

camaraderie 03-16-2007 09:33 AM big is the boat? For reference....
day1...Oriental to Bellhaven
day2...Bellhaven to Alligator River Marina/or anchorage Coinjock Norfolk (requires early start to clear bridges) Deltaville or Reedville VA depending on progress Solomons Annapolis Baltimore

As an alternative...once you hit Norfolk, you could head up the Bay round the clock without stopping, taking turns keeping watch and be in Baltimore in 24 hours....making it a 5-6 day trip with weather cooperating.
At least the stops above will give you some idea of what some good places to exchange duties with a hired captain would be.

christyleigh 03-16-2007 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by sailingdog
How big is the sailboat in question. Unless it is a larger boat, moving it overland via truck may be faster, cheaper and simpler.

SD may have your best option there. When I traded in my c320 (RI) for my NC331 (Annap) the math of the self delivery of my c320 to Annap proved un-doable because of the time and fuel tank size so I had it trucked down $$$$ 5,000 $$$$ - but the cost of a delivery captian was also way into the obscenity range. On the other hand I did self deliver my NC331 because being a motor sailer with extra power and fuel capacity I could maintain 6+ kts for the daylight delivery to RI. I would have echoed Cam's early (first) response not knowing all the circumstances because to me 8 hrs is a 'day sail' and on a 'point A to point B' cruise or delivery means 10-12 hrs to me also....... But...because you and the boat are new to each other the caution of shorter days is probably in order if you decide to move it that way. Even though I expected to beat my estimates though I always plan on short legs, push hard, and then have plenty of wiggle room if it hits the fan.

Archis 03-16-2007 10:32 AM

It's a 33 foot pearson currently with a 15 gallon tank. At this point I have three options.

Option 1 is Overland. I called an overland company and they wanted $1700 for the haul and a $1000.00 for the prep. Does that seem reasonable? I'll call some more if you folks think I can get a better price. If I could get her up here by truck for around 2k or less, that would make this option attractive.

Option 2 would be hire a delivery captain and bring her up as weather permits this season. With the correct timing I could get my buddy to captain the last several days of the trip. I've heard quotes of around $250 a day for a captain, does that seem about right?

Option 3 would be to keep her in Oriental this year. I can work on her and sail her this season down there to get familiar with her. Then I can bring her up next year myself.

Whampoa thanks for the sailcraft recommendation. Your the second person to recommend them. I'll call deepwater for a hauling quote. Any suggestions for a surveryor in ONC?

Cam thanks for the sailplan, that helps a lot.

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