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Amena 01-28-2002 12:41 PM

Chesapeake Bay Area
I am intrested in getting photos of people working on there boat, living on there boat, sailing there boat, etc. Am I''m trying to build up my slides in the area of sailboating for freelance work. If you live in the Cheaspeake area, (or you know someone whom does), and would not mind if my fiance'' and I take pictures of you, (or them). We are ASA certified and would love any chance to learn more about sailing in all aspects.

Jeff_H 01-28-2002 01:58 PM

Chesapeake Bay Area
I live in Annapolis and would be glad to participate. Email me at:


BigRed56 01-28-2002 03:24 PM

Chesapeake Bay Area
Ahoy , Amena My vessel ,will, with a little luck be in the Chesapeake this summer and I would welcome you aboard. How do you feel about Pirates and the mangy crew likley to
be aboard my vessel? I''ve never had the chance to have any profesional pictures of the goings on below in a calm ! Well on deck to if were to be honest with each other. Hows your tolerance for RUM and do you have pictures of your wife and are you the jealous type Id have to hit over the head when the captains colors are flown? AARRHH Big Red 56 the Pirate of Pine Island.

EtherCat 01-28-2002 08:49 PM

Chesapeake Bay Area
My vessel will, with luck, be taking advantage of the fact that Big red is away from his home waters, and, with Letter of Marque in hand, hunting the scurvy bilge-dog Big Red for a change.
Photographic evidence of this historical chase would be welcomed, just in case I need to remember where my boat sank so I could have it brought back up.

BigRed56 01-29-2002 07:44 AM

Chesapeake Bay Area
Ahoy me matey EtherCat, aye twod be a right fine chase indeed but I fear ye might have to get in line! Planning on laying over in the Patuxtant,Oxford, the Severn, and me birth place on the Bohemia. Something about that name strikes me heart wit the fire of love!! Ye needent worry none about marking the spot I takes me prizes after Big Reds Rum done its work. AARRHH .

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