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delrae 02-14-2002 09:56 AM

sewing machines
any advice for a liveaboard sewing machine? the best, the worst, how much, and where to buy one. thanks delrae.

manateee_gene 02-14-2002 11:17 AM

sewing machines
The sewing machine is a bit worn out.It has been done on every board including SSCA.SSCA seems to favor the PHAFF 130, this board indicated a preference for the Sailrite,the CWBB board was split and the Lats.board said what a sewing machine!hell! give me another brewski!So you pays your money and takes your choice.I have a really little used PHAFF
130 with all sorts of extras.I''ve used it three timew for a total of about 45 minutes.
I bought it from a company which did nothing but service sewing machines in San Francisco.They were having a going out of business sale and had three I had my choice and picked the best and got all the extras.
You want it? contact me by e-mail I respect the fact that this is a non-commercial site!

gto2 02-21-2002 03:27 PM

sewing machines
depends on what you intend to do. i talked to a couple who said any of the old steel machines that had a metal bobbin would sew sailcloth. my mother has an old singer metal unit i intend to check out sometime.

joub 02-24-2002 09:18 PM

sewing machines
It seems everyone has a story to tell aboutsewing machines.
Mine is... I tried my wifes machine... it left a lot to be desired.
I purchased a Phaf 230 converted to handle heavy duty canvas did a pretty good job, but wasn''t up to feeding 7.8 oz sailcloth or several layers of sunbrella through for a neat stich.
I finally bit the bullet and bought a sailright "sailmaker" machine. The diference was worth the nearly 2K price I paid for the machine.

Lesson get what you pay for when it comes to sewing machines.

sv mon ami

bugged 02-26-2002 10:10 PM

sewing machines
Sailrite makes a GREAT machine. I have the LSZ-1 and wouldn''t part with it for anything!!! I also purchased the large torque wheel so I can hand spin it if no power is available. So far that has not been an issue yet, I run it on a 200watt converter from my house battery & it works just fine! The LSZ-1 is the zig-zag version, the have just the straight stich version also. I think I paid about $650 new for mine. They are at
Happy sailing!!!!

Snap 02-27-2002 10:11 AM

sewing machines
We have SailRite''s long arm. We''ve used it for sails, cushions, covers and numerous projects for ourselves and boating friends. A real dream machine, at least that''s what my wife, the seamstress, says. The price was about $1600 (Annapolis Boat Show). It''ll sew through seven+ layers of Sunbrella and leather patches don''t even slow it down.

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