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Old 06-10-2007
Join Date: Jul 2003
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bwalker42 is an unknown quantity at this point

Every one has a story.
No matter how timely, wierd, unbelievable, shocking or seemingly insignificant you may think it is. It's still important.

That's why I want to hear your own story about things that have happened to you personaly at sea while you were sailing.

Things you think no one else will believe. Things that have touched your heart. Supernatural things. Inexplicable things, no matter how big or small.


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Old 06-10-2007
Join Date: Jul 2003
Posts: 2,734
Thanks: 448
Thanked 24 Times in 23 Posts
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bwalker42 is an unknown quantity at this point
OK, I'll go first.

April Last year, My friend Ehge. He works on a ship off of the coast of Alaska.
I was in communication with him when he told me OMG.
Huge storm is headed right for my ship!! gotta go!!!

So I humbled myself in prayer. I prayed hard for him and his crew and his ship. It was work not to worry. I didn't get to hear from him for 3WKS!! And it was work..... not to worry! I confess, I was concerned!

Finally, I got to hear from him. He said the storm took a sudden turn North and only skirted the ship.
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Old 06-11-2007
Owner, Green Bay Packers
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sailaway21 is just really nice sailaway21 is just really nice sailaway21 is just really nice sailaway21 is just really nice
Sea Angel,

Do you know what the difference is between a sea story and a fairy tale?

A fairy tale begins with, "Once upon a time...". A sea story starts out with, "Now, guys-this ain't no ****...".

Regardless of that, I'll have to comb my memory for something. Usually, the more unbelievable the story, the more likely it is to be true, IMHO.
“Scientists are people who build the Brooklyn Bridge and then buy it.”
Wm. F. Buckley, Jr.
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Old 06-11-2007
doctom's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Texas
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doctom is on a distinguished road
well not a sea story...more of a pond story....
i took my son down to a bridge that i used to jump off with my friends when we were kids...on the way to "gum hollow" i told him about all the fun i had (i left out that most of it happened while my parents were asleep) swimmng and fishing at this old country bridge a couple miles outta town.
When we got there...my son must have thought i had lost my mind, the water was lower than i had ever seen. but there was so much garbage at the bottom of the riverbed and most of it was had rebar sticking out of it that he just looked at me and said "you jumped into that"?

god smiles on fools and children i guess. but it gave me a shudder to think about what would have happened if one of my mates had jumped in on one of those long pointy rods while we were all laughing and having fun.

and that was the beginning of the end of my my son ever paying any attention to my advice or opinions on anything.

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Old 06-11-2007
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2003
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capttb is on a distinguished road
Had a curious whale "chase" me in a complete circle, (I thought he was too close so kept bearing off till I had to gybe) I went off 270 degrees from original course. About 100 yards away I thought I had "lost" him till he came up right off the port stern quarter again. I came about and changed course 180 to head toward the coast. Whale followed along like a friendly dog for a couple miles till I got to a friend's boat who was hove to for lunch. I'd warned him by radio I was being chased and he took it as a joke and said he'd divert him as I came by. When I got close he called me on the radio after seeing a "blow" and asked "HEY! How close is that whale!" I estimated 20 feet. By the time I got even with him he only had the main up and was moving much slower so when the whale started following him, I radioed a thanks and said his plan worked perfectly. Even with a witness I've never expected anyone to believe this unless they have also encountered this type of behavior from a curious young whale.
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Old 06-11-2007
SimonV's Avatar
Wish I never found SN!
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SimonV will become famous soon enough
This is no ****, Whilst at anchor after a 24h non stop solo sail, I went bellow for a sleep I hadnt been asleep for long when this hobo type woke me up with a rasping, growling voise saying "You better hurry your anchors dragging its dragging you better hurry,HURRY" I jumbed awake and went up on deck and sure enough I was dragging the anchor. I stated the engine pulled up the anchor and moved away from the shore and re anchored. I never did see where the hobo went.
Ericson 39B.
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Old 06-11-2007
Water Junkie
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LaPlaya is on a distinguished road
Loved the whale tale
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Old 06-12-2007
Junior Member
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Location: Forest City, IA
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Dave O'Day is on a distinguished road
Had I not been there, I would not have believed it.

Sunday October 8th was the day we picked to pull the boat from Clear lake in Iowa, seemed easy enough. We arrived at 11:00am at the public ramp and I (David) backed the trailer expertly down the ramp but a little short. Exiting the mighty SUV I told my trusting wife that I will jog the half mile down to the dock where the boat is located and too just sit tight till you see me rounding the reeds protruding out into the lake, I'll call you and have you back the trailer in 'a little further' like we did at spring launch. As I recall, the tail pipe on the mighty SUV was just above lake level during spring launch, we'll do the same this time, bad call. Lake level was 16 inches higher in May, who knew? Rounding the reeds and running on fumes, end of season, to cheap to buy 3 gallons of fuel, I phoned my wife (how did we get by before cell phones?) to back in till the tail pipe is just above water level. She did, but she wanted to know if there should be a big 'clunk'? Being on a small boat with the motor whaling and two early teen girls (daughters 14 and 13 years old) chatting like young women do I failed to hear the 'clunk' thing. 100 yards from the ramp I told Sheila to pull the trailer forward about 4 feet, failing to see any of the submerged trailer, I thought that was a reasonable request. To my dismay I see the mighty SUV dancing east to west on the ramp but not going north! Phone rings. "I'm stuck! What do I do?" Stuck? What do you really mean by stuck? I paid good money for a truck that would not get 'stuck'!!

New plan. I'll come in bow first and give Sheila a line to tie the bow off as I drop a stern anchor to keep us from wandering all over the public ramps, seeing that today was a very popular day to pull a boat out, apparently. First attempt, ten feet from Sheila at the dock and I run out of anchor line on the stern, I'm a big believer in ALOT of rode. Damn it! said quite enough not to interrupt the young womens conversation. After multiple circles about 100 yards off the ramp as we wait on every weekend warrior 'Bill Dance' wanna be's (pro-bass fishermen) to load their boats, did I mention we where out of gas? Second attempt, SUCCESS, and the motor is till running! Now what? We discovered that the big clunk was our tandem axle trailer dropped off the end of the launching ramp. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Why yes, it is. We are stuck, in major proportion. My wife suggested that I call the manager of the dock where we keep the boat, I humbly make the call. He said that the barge which he uses to remove boat lifts is there at the dock with the keys in it, enough said. I run another half mile down to the dock and retrieve the barge. Steering a power boat with a wheel is alot different than a sail boat with a tiller, but after a while, it's alot like a car, go figure. Back to the ramp, hook the trailer and raise it enough to float the trailer over and forward enough to set the trailer on solid cement, Praise the Lord! Take the barge back, run another half mile back to the ramp and load the boat. No problems there and all 'seems' well as we head home.

We arrive home unscathed and I back the boat next to my pole barn with precision that makes me blush. I set the block of wood under the trailer and proceed to lift the trailer off of the mighty SUV. I half hazardously straddle the drivers side door jamb and put the truck in drive to clear the hitch from the tongue of the trailer, mission accomplished. I throw the shifter in what I thought was park and exit the vehicle ........ I threw it in reverse. In horror I watch the SUV back right into the trailer and continue pushing the trailer/boat until a walnut tree was impeding the boat from going out into our horse pasture. Ever have that dream where you are running in slow motion? That was me at this moment. I got to the truck and applied the brake, after the trailer protruded the rear bumper till it met frame and the boat met a firm walnut tree.

-------------------------------- Nerves BREAK AND MANY PROFANITIES -------------------------------

As my beautiful wife stared in disbelief as to what she just witnessed, she carefully asked me what do we do next? I'm thinking gasoline and a match is sounding reasonable!! I now have this urge to explain to her what she just witnessed, me loosing my cool. I ask for her forgiveness for my behavior, which she easily grants, seeing the circumstance. We remove the boat from the tree and lick our wounds. We hug and look at the gaping hole in our 'mighty SUV' bumper. The boat is no worse for the wear, wish I could say the same.

Point being:
If your going to have a trailer-able have a supportive spouse, because anyone else would have bailed.

Love you Sheila.

"Mon Ami"

'79 O'Day25
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Old 06-12-2007
uspirate's Avatar
Trim for Sail
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uspirate has a spectacular aura about uspirate has a spectacular aura about uspirate has a spectacular aura about
this aint no ****, i was cruising ventura to baja. ran outta beer and resorted to rum but thats another story...
year 1994, i decided to pull my boat from slip(25 ft trailerable) to dry storage. no prob after a good days sail, all went well, put it on the trailer and at 8:30 pm, drove up to the unfamiliar dry storage area lots of sailboats in there so no problemo. the road was desolate and totally dark with no lighting except headlighting from your vehicle and i was the only vehicle in the area. i saw a dirt road to the right of me cool keep going straight and were at dry dock. i drove slowly and BOOM,ZAP, BAM, ZAP,ZAP. what the hey? the marina lighting totally went black. turns out the wind blew down the plywood sign stating "danger, power lines overhead, sailboats with standing mast turn here". how friggen convienent for me. it took a friggen fire crew on a ladder truck to free my mast which now looked like a half circle from arching the power lines, the zap blew out both tires on my trailer and we lived happily ever after with a new boat and truck!
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Old 06-12-2007
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Hawkeye25 is on a distinguished road
Okay, this is terrifying and I hope no one will allow the children to see it.

I was sitting on my boat checking email through Wi-Fi and stopped in to sailnet to see if there was anything interesting going on, an suddenly

. . . . . . . . . . aaaiiiieeeeee!!!!!

I came upon the weeniest, silliest posting I've ever seen!

It's right here. Now I have to take my eyes out and wash them with Lava hand soap.

It's a true story, and I may be scarred for life. There outa be a law. Where's CD when you need someone to rage against the injustice?

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