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friglesnorsi 03-02-2002 04:26 AM

3M 5200 Clean Up
Hi, I''m new to sailnet. I recently purchased a 38 Seafarer KE...Am in process of attaching rubrails made out of Starboard 3/4" with a stainless steel cap. Will fill the cap with 3m 5200. I''m not sure what solvent should be used for cleanup of the 5200. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks. Larry

Jeff_H 03-02-2002 05:13 AM

3M 5200 Clean Up
I know of no solvent that will remove 5200 once it has hardened that won''t also damage4 the fiberglass. I also question the use of Starboard in a structural application such as a rub rail and also I question using a permanent adhessive like 5200 to attach a rubrail since rubrails are prone to damage and need to be removed for repairs with enough frequence that they should be caulked with a removable caulking.


Snap 03-02-2002 06:04 AM

3M 5200 Clean Up
Mineral spirits and tons of paper towels will clean 5200 that has not cured. However, I don''t think that 5200 will adhere to starboard well enough to provide a seal. From my experience with starboard nothing will stick to it except special glues formulated for that purpose, not something you''d want to use on a rubrail. When using 5200 keep in mind that it is very sneaky, has eyes and froglegs and will jump all over you and your boat and has been known to even jump onto and infect unfortunate passersby who happen to strolling the dock admiring your fine work. Keep a lot of paper towels handy, copious amounts of spirits available and check the bottoms of your shoes often.

Snap 03-03-2002 11:47 AM

3M 5200 Clean Up
I was just reading the West Marine catalog and see where they now offer for sale a product that claims to clean and debond 5200 as well as other polyurethane adhesives and sealants. Don''t know if it works or not but may be worth a try. It''s called Anti-Bond 2015 and is made by JWB Environmental. Model 1174804 (JWB#JWB-200-04). $6.99


mikehoyt 03-04-2002 03:58 AM

3M 5200 Clean Up
I have a can of a citrus based cleaner that removes uncured 3M 4200 and 5200 (good for cleaning tools). Do not remember the name of the cleaner.

Be careful with any cleaner that removes these adhesives since there may be other parts of your boat that use similar compounds. I was wiping off excess 4200 on one application and noticed that the cleaner also removed the paint! Many older boats that have been awlgripped or repainted used Polyurethane based coatings. I believe that these coatings are a similar compound to 5200 (ie. polyurethane) ... Would be a shame to take the finish right off your hull!


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