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pmarkt 07-16-2007 05:54 PM

Redoing interior of boat for large crews and world sailing.
We purchased a 70' LOA sailboat a few years ago for putting large teams on and cruising the world doing missions/ministry relief work. As well as local Pensacola, FL sailing.

Over the past 7 years, we have brought over 1,500 college age volunteer students to Pensacola. To date we have roofed over 100 homes, built 20+ wheel chair ramps, etc.

"Selah" our (Pensacola World Changers) boat is for entertainment for these teams as well as future international work. It took us 3 years but we finally have the hull in perfect condition and looking like a million bucks, unfortunantly the boat was eaten up with termites as well as the rot from her sinking in Hurricane Ivan, so we recently gutted the entire boat.

Originally the boat was set up for major comfort for 6-10, where we want a few amenities but would like to be able to have 24+ on board comfortably. We ripped out a king size bed, full size washer & dryer, full size range, dishwasher, trash compactor, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.

We're to the point of beginning to layout/design/rebuild her. We will re-run all electric, plumbing, and of course build the cabinets, bunks, etc.

Any suggestions on what materials, best layouts, wiring schematics, etc for a undertaking like this?

Bare bones design and materials sounds really good to me, but keeping in mind that she will be used for blue water sailing, etc.

Any ideas or direction would be helpful and much appreciated.

Until the Whole World Hears,


sailingdog 07-16-2007 08:24 PM


Some of the bulkheads that you ripped out were probably structural... you will really need to consult with a good naval architect to understand what you have to put back at a minimum, to make this hull safe for the stresses involved in crossing oceans.

pmarkt 07-16-2007 08:32 PM

Hey sailingdog, thanks for the reply. We actually didn't rip out any of the bulkheads, left all of them in place. Right now we have a very large galley/saloon area, a very large vbirth with bath in front, then in the aft a monster room that did have king size bed and a walk in closet. Also there is a head with a bath tub in the rear. The walk in closet I hope to make a captain quarters and then just bunk out the large rear compartment.


Valiente 07-16-2007 08:59 PM

Race boats with large teams are going to be helpful here in terms of ideas. Aluminum framed "hammocks" able to support a lee cloth and also able to fold up against the sides will give basic sleeping areas, and yet can be cleared for action, so to speak, when people want to mess around a central table. "Hot-bunking" is the idea that the bed is in use most of the time, in which case you could have 12 or even 8 bunks, depending on how many watches you have. Lastly, what about the traditional hammocks, swinging in unison and rolled up tight on the day watch?

sailingdog 07-16-2007 10:07 PM

Instead of hammocks, I'd recommend setting up the interior with pipe berths, as that will allow you to pack in more berths and won't have the swing problems that hammocks would present. Also, the outer pipe of the pipe berths can be setup to be adjustable—to compensate for angle of heel on different tacks, and can be moved out of the way to open the space up when not in use.

I would highly recommend not hot bunking the crew, since it is generally a good idea to give each crew person at least one spot or location on the boat that is truly theirs for the duration of their time on the boat, if they're going to be aboard for more than just a daysail.

ianhlnd 07-16-2007 10:49 PM


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