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popeus 03-19-2002 04:56 PM

Tiller to Pedestal Steering Conversion

I''ve looked high and low over the Internet for a used Pedestal Steering system, with out any luck. It seems that Edson Intl. is the predominant supplier of Pedestal Steering systems on new boats and they also offer a system for tiller conversion.

However the steering systems they offer start at $1,200.00, which is a little out of range for my boat budget.

Does anyone know of a good source for after market pedestal steering systems? I.E. salvage yards, discount suppliers, etc.


Jeff_H 03-19-2002 06:33 PM

Tiller to Pedestal Steering Conversion
What kind of boat are putting this on. depending on the layout, Yacht Systems makes a really nice rack and pinon setup that is supposedly less than Edson. There are some limitations to the installation such as needing a straight shot at the rudder quadrant for the pitman arm.

For that matter, I am thinking of removing my wheel and converting back to a tiller but that probably won''t happen this season.


popeus 03-19-2002 07:08 PM

Tiller to Pedestal Steering Conversion
Thanks, for the reply. I have a Beneteau First 235. A straight shot to the rudder is possible, but the main thing I''m looking for is the pedestal. I was thinking of a hydrolic steering system. I just need the pedestal to mount everything in and on.

Jeff_H 03-20-2002 03:42 AM

Tiller to Pedestal Steering Conversion
With all due respect, there is no way in hell that I would ever suggest adding a wheel to a Beneteau First 235. These are really nice sailing boats that would absolutely be ruined by adding wheel steering. The cockpit is not configured for wheel steering so that anywhere you place a wheel your view of the headsails will be blocked or the cockpit will be encumbered. Adding a pedistal in the middle of a small cockpit will simply give you an obstacle to catch lines on, stumble around and trip over.

In a breeze, small better performing boats, like the 235, count on surgical steering and helm imput to keep the boat in balance and at speed. This is not a racing issue. This is a basic safety issue. Adding wheel steering to a boat this small would take away this critical ability.

Adding to the issues of adding wheel steering to a well balanced boat like the 235, is the really excessively bad idea of using a hydraulic system. Hydraulic systems are the system of last resort when a a boat gets too big, its rudder loads get to massive and its helm is remote from the rudder to permit any other system. These are almost no feel, high weight, high maintenance, high friction systems. They have no place on a boat with the kind of light helm of the 235. This goes far in excess of being a really bad idea.

If you need a place to "mount everything in and on" I would suggest that the aft bulkhead of the cabin would make a lot more sense. If you want to add a table a couple sockets in the cockpit sole would allow for removable table legs. But I can''t recommend stongly enough against adding wheel steering or a pedistal in the middle of the cockpit to a really wonderful little boat like the 235.


JWag 03-23-2002 03:35 PM

Tiller to Pedestal Steering Conversion

What issue are you trying to solve with converting your First 235 to a wheel? If it is one of ease of steering because you cruise more than you race, a tiller pilot would be a much better investment. We had an Autohelm 2000 for our Beneteau First 325 and it worked great. You could take the helm when you wanted to experience the feel of sailing and flip to the pilot when you needed a break. The tiller pilots require no installation other than a 12 v. outlet and a bracket on the tiller and a mounted fitting for the removeable arm, all for about $800 if I''m not mistaken.

KIKO 03-23-2002 03:43 PM

Tiller to Pedestal Steering Conversion
$ 399.99 + free shiping at

Zantigo 09-22-2008 01:44 AM

I have 21 foot northwest sloop. Iím just now learning to sail. But I can say that the number one pain Iím having is the Tiller taking up so much room in the cockpit. When itís time to tack I make everyone go down below, so that I can steer.

KIKO... A link to that would help. 8)

Zantigo 09-22-2008 01:48 AM

Wow. That was 5 year old post:eek:

anchorsaweigh 09-22-2008 06:22 AM

Call D&R Marine in Assonet, MA: D & R Marine


Talk to Rudy. Rudy buys all of Edson's closeouts and offers them at huge discounts. I know he has a hundred or so wheels, tons of pedestals, and either has or can obtain discounted components to complete a steering system.

He recently bought out all of Alden Yachts parts warehouse. I'm heading down this weekend to see what kind of stuff I can spend my money on!



sailingdog 09-22-2008 10:50 AM


First off, you're asking a person who probably hasn't been on the forum in a long time to reply...and his post is over SIX YEARS OLD.

Second, a wheel setup on your boat would probably also make the boat's balance a bit off, by adding a significant amount of weight to the cockpit.

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