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Sabre66 10-26-2007 08:06 PM

pearson 10m vs pearson 33-2
We've been looking for a Pearson 10m on the east coast of the United states but they're all suffering from major problems with the core and the knees backing the chain plates.
I'm looking for a PHRF racer that sails to the rating, as well as a coastal cruiser, I know a clean 10m can do this but can the 33-2 (her bigger brother) with a slightly shorter water line, own up to the 10m racing record? Or is she more of a cruiser?

SailorMitch 10-26-2007 10:52 PM

I own a 1988 P-33-2 (hull #146), and while I am very happy with the speed and pointing ability of the boat, I would place her more in the cruiser category. I only race my boat once a year in a club race, and I usually finish in the middle somewhere, not bad considering that I also single hand most of the time. There's a 10M at my marina and perhaps I should challenge that fellow to a race just to see what would happen.

I do know a woman who bought a 1986 P-33-2 and raced quite a bit in PHRF. She didn't do all that well and blamed her old sails. She got one of the better sailmakers in Annapolis to go out with her once to evaluate some racing sail options, and I heard from a mutual friend that the sailmaker told her to learn how to drive the boat first before buying some racing sails. :)

Not much help, I know.

JimsCAL 10-27-2007 02:09 PM

The 10M has a long record as a very competive club racer and comfortable cruiser. I would continue to look for a good one as these are real bargains now due to their age. I am not as familiar with the 33-2, but my impression is it's more of a cruiser. It's a newer design and rates about the same as the 10M (both are about 150). Might work as a club racer, but it would be nice to hear from someone that has raced one.

DrB 10-27-2007 10:59 PM

A 10M is longer and faster - It's the Big Brother
A good 10M is a bargain compared to a 33-2. Not saying that the 33-2 is bad, but most are in the very high 30's to 40K range. Almost all 10M are less than 30K. Some folks say the the 10M was one of the best designed boats to come from Pearson.

They are hard to find, as they only made about 250 of them starting in 1973 and ending the run in 1980. The chainplate problem was fixed in the mid 70's at the factory.

Any boat this age will have some moisture in the deck. I just bought mine in June and the surveyor found a few very small areas that had a slightly elevated moisture reading, but his comment was it was expected and the level of mine was exceptionally good.

I looked at a 33-2 and liked the 10M much better because even thugh both had a 11' beam, the 33-2 wide spot is more aft compared tot he 10M. Beause of this, I felt that the 33-2 was "tight" forward. (I am a big guy). Both boats have decent creature comforts below. If I had to do it again, I'd still take the 10M over the 33-2. If I were looking at a larger boat in the same range and there was no 10M, I'd go with a P34.

The 33-2 is more cruiser than cruiser/racer. The 10M has the traveler in the cockpit, making single handing a little easier than the 33-2 where the traveler is on the cabin top. The 10M also has more sail area. The 10M will point higher than the 33-2.

Both boats are performance oriented (if you have the fin keeled 33-2), but the 10M has more sail area and a longer waterline, thus yeilding a lower PHRF rating.

I recommend to keep looking for the 10M. Some of the ones on the east coast have some issues. But if you get one for say $25K, and put 5K in to "fixing" her up, your still less than a 33-2.


jboatjack 10-28-2007 03:02 PM

traveler in the cockpit
traveler in the cockpit is a definite advantage for racing on the 10m vs the travler on the cabin top on the P33. i have a friend with a 10m and he thinks it is a great boat, he races on LI sound and out to the cape.

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