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obiec 04-10-2002 07:15 AM

Auto Pilots, My wheal pilot wonders 30 degrees. and I am buy
I have a raymarine 3000 wheal pilot and it will not steer my boat. the previous owner had hardly used it at all it is bran new but two years old. This makes me think he never got it working either. In my conversations with raymarine it terns out that some boats are just hard to steer and the new pilots have a new circuit that will help. I am going to try a new pilot. I can order a Raymarine 4000. But I know were there is a Simarad 30 that I could pick up and try. They tell me if it doesn''t work they will take it back. Dose anybody have any input on the 2 pilots or on my wondering problem. and yes I have been through every bit of the gain. and re set the compass four or five times. I have tried and tried.

Jeff_H 04-10-2002 08:50 AM

Auto Pilots, My wheal pilot wonders 30 degrees. and I am buy
It would be helpful if you provided additional information such as:
-How old is your 3000? (Raymarine/Autohelm redid their control system a few years back and I understand that it used a more sohisticated logi system)

-What kind and size boat are we talking about? (Different displacements and keel configurations require different equipment and settings, i.e. Light weight/fin keel boats tend to require more frequent but lighter loaded and smaller movements.)

Where do you sail? (Light duty units like the 3000 do fine in light duty weather applications. If you spend much time offshore you might want a heavier duty below deck unit)


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