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Wayne25 12-30-2007 10:15 PM

Lewes, Delaware home port
Do any of the members here sail out of Lewes, Delaware? I'm interested in how the docking/slips are in the area and what your normal sailing is like.

Jerry Perrin 12-31-2007 11:50 AM

I sail out of Indian river but am on waiting list for Pilot town marina. The canal
can be quite tricky on the changing tides. Also depending on draft, you can
be sitting in mud during low tide. The inlet can also be a little tricky, and a
lot of pleasure, and head boats going in and out. On the bay, wind againsed
tide makes for some choppy conditions. Weather can change very quickly(
the saying goes, if you don't like the weather in De. wait 10mins). Lots of
BIG freighters in the channel, and at anchorages. All that being said, the bay
can be quite beautyful, and fun. You can sail out to the Harbor of refuge or
breakwater drop your hook, and spend the day, or night, enjoying the peace and quiet, and there are always doulphins playing. You will need to keep watch for the Cape May-Lewis ferry. It does not like to deviate course, and
will sound horn for you to MOVE. Hope I was of some help.

Wayne25 12-31-2007 11:30 PM

Thanks for getting back to me. I've had my Helms 25 (JK) in Rehoboth Bay for about a year. I made the trip through the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal once and went out the Roosevelt, down the coast and back in at the Indian River Inlet at slack low tide. I guess your air draft is less than 35' also to make the fixed bridges. The 24 hr notice for the draw bridge at Rehoboth makes it a bit of a pain.
I was looking for some weekend or extended weekend trips in the area. I was thinking about sailing to Lewes (either outside or the canal) overnight at the city dock or somewhere else and spend the next day or so sailing the harbor and the west side of the bay. It looks like the current isn't bad in this area. Not like the channel and breakwater. Have you stayed at the new Lewes City Marina or at the city dock?
I was also looking at the 20 mile trip from Indian River Inlet to Ocean City, MD inlet. I would have to pick the day for a good weather window. Especially if i wanted to get back the same weekend. Have you made this trip? I haven't seen info on public docking for a night or two in Ocean City. It would be nice to continue down into the Chincoteague Bay.

Jerry Perrin 01-01-2008 04:09 PM

I sail a 19' com-pac with air draft of 25', so i'm good @ Indian river, but don't
go out much. The city dock in Lewes is a great place to stay(if available). I think the 1st 6hrs are free. Don't know about the marina. A friend sails to O.C.
then to chincoteaque often in a 25' Erickson. As a matter of fact he started
keeping his boat down there, says the sailing is great. I do go up the canal
all the time, but with our fishing boat. Never considered doing the trip with
the sail boat.

Wayne25 01-01-2008 04:45 PM


I'll send you a PM.

girllasersailor 01-20-2008 04:23 AM

Hi Wayne;
I am a sailor in Lewes and grew up sailing on the DE bay. Know many things about conditions.
Docking in Lewes/Rehoboth canal is available. I do know folks that keep their rigs along the canal up to roosevelt inlet.

I do all kinds of sailing on dinghies mostly the Laser. I want to get out cruising more any time of the year. I have limited cruising exp. but am well versed in keel rigs (through racing) and handling through racing and being a sailor in a natural way.
I am always up for sailing. If you are interested do you ever look for hands on deck?


Wayne25 01-20-2008 11:47 PM

Where and when are there races around the Lewes area? I know the RBSA has some club races on weekends and host the Hobie regional events. But I don't know of any other organizations in the area that hold races. Fill me in.
This will be my second full season with this boat and I still have a lot to learn about her. I wanted to plan on a few close coastal trips this coming season. Either going south along the coast to OC and the Chincoteague Bay or around the Delaware Bay and possibly over to Cape May and north. A future goal would be the Delmarva circumnavigation. Do you have any experience cruising these areas? Any information would be helpful.

girllasersailor 01-21-2008 11:57 AM

We grew up racing at Lewes YC. the racing is only casual during the summer season. I know about RBSA fairly well. I taught sailing there briefly and also, i org. a major laser regatta 04. I sail all over the chesapeake/delaware area in the laser and period. other classes. I pay as I go for sailing activities at Severn Sailing Association/Annap. and race during the winter season in the laser frostbiting series.

Eventhough, I have never cruised the del. bay and ches. i know alot about the weather patterns, conditions, waterways, boating/shipping traffic.
I have been on day cruising and training sessions on the chesa.nevermind, sailing in texas gulf coast.

I could speak intelligently about those aspects and certainly be helpful.

I can save you the details now, and tell you more about other experience, such as handling and piloting etc.

What sailing have you done in the area? And are you interested in sailing this winter?

Circumnavigating Delmarva is a grand sail to be undertaken! I read a well written account of a sail some years ago. This sailor went singlehanded.

Keep in touch, JRF

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