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Cruisingdad 01-03-2008 03:59 PM

Goodbye for a while

It appears I will be gone from Sailnet for a while. As many of you have noticed, I have been absent as of late - but I am afraid that will continue for a while yet.

I cannot go into all the details, but will give some here. It has recently come to my attention that a partner of mine has broken his fiduciary responsibilities and acted in a fashion (on many different matters) that he should not have. After carefully considering my options, I have decided to leave that company and branch out on my own. It is with considerable regret as it has set off my cruising and set me back personally (quite a considerable sum of money). It has also been very painful as I trusted him - which it appears I should not have. Until some of the legalities are settled, this is all I feel comfortable saying, so we will leave it at that.

In the end, with my new business venture, I must focus a considerable amount of my time outside of Sailnet. I will pop in from time to time and say hello. It appears I will retain my moderator status and will help out as I can. I hope to be back spending more time here in the not too distant future, but in the meantime, I would like to wish each and everyone one of you the ABSOLUTE best. I have met some great friends here and have met many of you through this outlet that I would not have otherwise.

Thank you for understanding. Take care of yourselves and your family - in the end, that is all that really matters.

Your friend,

- Brian

Freesail99 01-03-2008 04:03 PM

Fair winds, CD, good luck.

JohnRPollard 01-03-2008 04:07 PM


We'll look forward to your return, hopefully sooner than later. Best wishes to you and yours, and good luck in your new endeavor. - John

ReverendMike 01-03-2008 04:07 PM

Best wishes, fair winds, be well.

teshannon 01-03-2008 04:07 PM

CD, we wish you nothing but the best and hope things work out for your. It has to be extremely disheartening when someone you trusts lets you down big time. We'll all look forward to your speedy return. Best of luck and stay in touch with us clods here.

chrondi 01-03-2008 04:09 PM

Along with all my wishes for success in your new venture and happy the New Year 2008. Hang on!

denby 01-03-2008 04:16 PM

Sorry to hear that CD, good luck and I hope it all works out. You've been a great monator and hope you come back soon. ( even if you sail, I mean have a Catalina.:D :D :D )

joeybkcmo 01-03-2008 04:17 PM

Hope it all works out, and that you are back soon. Thanks for your help in the past

TwentySeven 01-03-2008 04:18 PM

I've been around shortly but I wish you the best, so you regain your personal time asap.

sailingdog 01-03-2008 04:22 PM

Good luck CD... and take care... we'll see you soon.

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