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jdair101 01-13-2008 06:09 PM

Toronto Boat Show From the Eye's of the "AVERAGE GUY"
Did the boat show thing today and I can say I was not blown away. Stricky from the sailing side you could put it all in a tin can. The sail makers had booths the size of a storage shed and the hardware stuff was in a different area of the show completly.
To start I have limited time in this sport so this is from a newbe point of view.
I did the whole look thing and only missed a couple boats and I would say for the AVERAGE GUY the 34' Beneteau caught my eye.
I think the AVERAGE GUY would have a hard time with the $250,000.00 and up price of the bigger boats and I would have a hard time thinking that it would be worth the up grade.
I guess the best part of that is the ABOVE AVERAGE GUY can afford them and want to get rid of there current AVERAGE boat that we can afford. All in all I was still not that impressed. (Again I'm new in this at just over a year)
The thing that made me laugh was the power boaters that were looking at the trailer sailers with the 75hp outboards thinking of making the change due to the price of fuel. I stood at one of them boats and listened to one man trying to get his wife to have a look. (But dear look it's only 20 grand and it has a trailer.)

Anyways I'll keep my C&C27 for another year and hope to hit the big one.

Jim D

poopdeckpappy 01-13-2008 07:04 PM

I did the show in San Diego last weekend, went with 1000 bucks, came back with 975.00 ( cost 10x2 to get in and had a coffee ) Saw absolutely nothing of interest inside, and the only thing on the water that caught my eye was a IP440 & 485 and even then I wasn't that impressed with either of them over my Tayana.

Don't know what to make of it other than we must be happy with our current boat. I guess the best part was passing a rainy day

Did get a card for a local marine woodworker who does awsome work, but I didn't need that either.

flyingwelshman 01-13-2008 09:20 PM

I went to the show yesterday.

I agree, the sailing-specific stuff was pretty hard to find.

We went with a couple of stink-potters so we had to spend some time over on the dark side.

My wife liked looking on board many of the boats - not with buying one in mind. She was looking for ideas to decorate our boat.

I went with a list (compiled with help from the board) and got some of the items. I spent about $1200.00 and figure I saved about $75.00. My tickets were 'free' (from the marina).

By the time I factor in my mileage (I traveled about 150 km each way and parking - a usureous $11.00 - and lunch - corned beef sandwiches for 2 (another gouging $17.00) I figure it probably wasn't worth the effort.
I probably would have stayed longer and spent more money but, by mid-afternoon the market-place area was a zoo.

On the topic of 'stupid things I've done recently': as soon as my car door clicked I realized that the keys were still inside and the doors were locked. I figured I would go to the show then call CAA when I was ready to leave (at least I wouldn't have to carry my keys with me.)

Anyway, got back to the car after 5 hours and found that not only were the keys locked inside, but the engine was running!

At least the car was nice and warm for the ride home.

Valiente 01-13-2008 11:27 PM

We are going tomorrow with comped tickets (who actually pays? I never have, and I'm not Mr. Rich Dock Jewellery Guy). Usually, I use the Boat Show for research and "focused buying" in that I have a list (I'm commissioning my boat for long-term cruising) and I like to collect spec sheets and chat with sales weasels to get a feel for the various products and services on display.

I go a second time to cover the show for my club newsletter and to do a few interviews.

In case anyone finds this sort of thing helpful, here's part of my Boat Show list:

To Buy:
SS deck fill caps.
Box of silicon bronze screws for floor.
Large orange fenders (Stright-MacKay?)
Offshore Foulies.
New double tether
Leatherman Wave Knife
Foot Pumps (2) (Whale)
Bilge Pump (forward hold)
Bilge Pump Switches (2)
Honda EU2000 generator-compare prices, specials.
Mast Steps: measure for big feet.
Water Manifold and Stopcocks/Valves/Diverters
Three-Way Diverter (MEASURE ON BOAT!)
12 Volt DC Sub Bus Bars for outlet distribution.
NEW FLARES (Stars and shells)
Silicon bronze screws for flooring remediation.

To Research:
Galvanic Isolator
Sewing machine for sails.
Small inflatable? (for stowing)
AIS receiver/transponder
Battery cables…0/00 gauge and connectors and terminals crimpers.
AGM batteries/sizing? Northstars?
Tank Tender gauges
Radar Pole: fab up myself or buy?
EPIRBs for ship
Radar 2 Kw models
Espar or Webasto (measure space in locker!)
ComNav CMC kiosk for Autopilot.

The actual sailboats I tend to skip, unless I look inside to see if someone's got a clever stowage solution or some kind of new way to hide an engine.

trantor12020 01-14-2008 08:48 AM

I've gone to Boat Show every year. Each year I get more and more depress with their offering. Now I enquiry about regional boat shows from friends, Phuket one is not much different from S'pore. Might have to see if Ozi boat show is worth the trip.

CapnHand 01-14-2008 01:49 PM

I'm looking for a spinnaker sock. If someone sees a deal on one of these at the show, please let me know with a post in this thread. I am one of the unfortunate people who has to pay to get in.

cockeyedbob 01-14-2008 02:29 PM

Agree with ya poopdeck ... heck, the boats leaked as much as the convention center. :rolleyes:

Dunlookn 01-14-2008 02:35 PM

I did the boat show thing for years before I bought my boat. I looked and compaired...seldom bought.

This year I spent hours on sailnet, Hunter Owners, and a few other sites. From the people who used it, I found out what to buy.

A few minutes for each item on the internet and I got the recommended item for the best price. Each site I dealt with was professional and provided "real time" tracking.

I saved time, $$$, and gas.

On ONE occasion I went to Boater's World to look at binoculars. Three employees were too busy talking about video games to help me. The only binos with a compass they had were made in China and cost $ 15.00 more than the Bushnell ones I bought on-line.

A few days ago I learned (from the Hunter Owners group) that Dalys Sea Fin oil was originally used on Hunter interiors. Went on line and found out that West Marine carried it.

Called the local WM store. My girlfriend has to come by the store, pay or it in person, and they will order it from the warehouse. It will be in next week.

I can save the time and gas, order it on-line and it will be here Friday.

I found I can do the research on-line. Have people all over the world, in various environments, give me thier opinion and order on-line. All this without missing even one episode of Sponge Bob.

I may never waste my time with a boat show again.

sailortjk1 01-14-2008 03:03 PM

For us the boat shows are more of a social occasion. Its fun to get together with friends at the show.
I also used the show to decide what manufacturer I was going to persue.
Not that I would buy at the show, but to follow up on through Yacht World searches etc. I learned what I liked and didn't like about the different builders. Also, what best builder I thought would give me the best value and be in my price range for my subsequent searches.
Now, when we go, we very rarely ever spend anytime on board the boats.
I used to take time off of work and go on a day during Non-peak hours.
Not anymore. If you go on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, plan on spending a lot of time in lines, if you are planning on actually looking at boats. (This applies to the shows that I attend, don't know about others.)

Another thing that has made them a little more interesting is to attend the seminars. Not that you learn anything, you might pick up a couple of tidbits, but they can be fun. My wife espesially likes them and she gets more out of them.

scottbr 01-14-2008 08:24 PM

I was at the show on Saturday, wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be.
paid only $5 parking ( across at Ont. Place) and free tickets from the marina.

Didn't spend a lot of money on wanted "stuff", prices were ok, but I didn't think huge savings. Spent more time researching "stuff" to see what I would and wouldn't buy this spring.

I was suprised / not surpirsed at the price drop on the Hunters. With the CDN dollar being so strong they were able to get good deals on the new boats. Had to check them out of course, just to see what's changed this year and for some storage ideas to steal from the bigger boats.

Biggest "you've got to be kidding me" was the 20 yr. financing :eek: on the runabout Chriscrafts with the retro styling, with wood dash, teak? deck inlays etc.

Biggest " holy cow" was the twin 800 hp 41' cig. boat with a price tag of $650 k., impressive horsepower to say t he least.

Biggest ticket item was the Neptunus 62' $ 2.2M, although we didn't go on this time, we took a tour at the Ontario Place in water show last Sept. Impressive boat but not in my snack bracket.

Favorite of the show was the Hacker Craft, 28 ft. mahogany runabout, with three cockpits and seating for 10. Didn't ask the price, as I didn't want to shatter the illusion that I might be able to buy one someday.

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