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uri 05-10-2002 11:31 PM

Anchoring, chain diameter is a big difference?
I just bought an Elan 40, a racer cruiser boat. I decided to get a Delta fastset anchor 16 Kg (35Lbs), that is recomended by Simpson lawrence for cruisers up to 44ft or cruser/racers to 49 ft. They recomend to use a 8mm (5/16) chain size. I am thinking on placing a 10mm (3/8) chain. My thinking is: I usually anchor in 4 -5 meters (12-15 ft) maximum 10 meter (31ft) depth, pretty good bottoms may be some weed, no corals ocassionaly rock. Usually here in the Med anchoring space is limited, so not much rode can be left of...probably a 5:1 is always possible. I think with a 10 mm size chain and 40 mts (120 ft) plus 120 ft of Nylon should be perfect for my thinking, using in most conditions an all chain (heavier than 8mm) and using a hook with nylon and if really bad or deaper places I will add the rope. The Person that is selling me the boat is telling me that I will do the same with an 8 mm chain and I will cut the weight in almost half at the bow, Simpson lawrence also recomends 8 mm.....Please anyones opinion will be really apreciated. Thank You

windship 05-11-2002 05:38 AM

Anchoring, chain diameter is a big difference?
Hi uri,
With a larger, heavier chain, you''ll fair better with less scope. May I also say that the plow type anchors are not known for their ability to hold safely with low ratio scopes. However, the Bruce anchor is known for just that. With that being said,I''d would suggest you purchase a Bruce for your primary anchor.
Good luck,


walt123 05-11-2002 08:16 PM

Anchoring, chain diameter is a big difference?
Per Dennis''s response 5 to 1 is not short scope and CQR plow anchors will hold well in as little as 3 to 1. Bruces are good anchors but can, like danforths, get rocks or balls of mud and then fail to hold when a plow would have no problem. Once anchoring with a bruce in soft mud it headed to china and I had to use 3 complete tide changes to use the lifting power of the tide to get the anchor out., I was impressed. In similiar situtation a plow would have retreived easier. I do like them in specific instances but plows are better all around anchors.

uri 05-11-2002 10:20 PM

Anchoring, chain diameter is a big difference?
OK, I read many things from CQR and a few for the bruce, I also investigate on the Delta, specially a report from Charles E. Kanter ( a test done over three years of cruising that is in my thinking impresive, I have been using always a CQR on my older boat a 31 moody I had worked well, but when I always looked at the anchor it had almost always an ear sticking out of the ground. And for what I read the CQR should be at least 35 lbs to start working well....The Bruce I donīt know exactly why but it doesnīt inspire me confidence (personal feeling), it may be stupid but that also counts when selecting an anchor, ( I may be wrong). So I will give a try to the Delta which I like , then again will be more important a heavier anchor or a heavier rode ?, I think the second if the anchor size is correct will be more important, specially if the anchor has been able to stick to the ground....

windship 05-12-2002 11:25 AM

Anchoring, chain diameter is a big difference?
Are you saying that you don''t like the way the Bruce looks so you aren''t going to try it?


uri 05-12-2002 11:47 AM

Anchoring, chain diameter is a big difference?
well I know is stupid as I said on my last atracked me more the delta, is not a sexy feeling is just that I can see and feel better how that should work, during my anchring periods, summer time I always go and look at my anchor to seee how it looks and I may dive down and help...I am used tos see the CQR and one of the ear sticking out....then thatīs what makes me move to the delta, I never have seen a bruce, may be is better, but let me try the Delta, and I will look arround and wacht how a Bruce yes is just lookings! but I like to see how they work...

Dana125 05-14-2002 02:36 AM

Anchoring, chain diameter is a big difference?
Back to the issue first presented. Is it better to size up the chain/rode over the manufacturer''s recommendations? I have chosen to get a 16.5# Bruce for my Dana as the primary anchor. She will be in sheltered anchorages, and the Bruce should sit nicely on the bow roller, and 16.5# should be manageable for the deck crew who has no windlass. I see a 1/4" chain-3/8" rode recommendation for this anchor, but my inclination is to go with 5/16 chain and a 1/2" rode(or even a 5/8 inch double braided rode). Is there any reason not to size up?

Sailmc 05-14-2002 04:45 AM

Anchoring, chain diameter is a big difference?
If you want to oversize a bit for peace of mind go with the 5/16 and the 1/2. The 5/8 is definately overkill. I use 3/8 BBB and 5/8 rode on my 43.

Sailmc 05-14-2002 04:50 AM

Anchoring, chain diameter is a big difference?
Heavier is better but keep in mind that 3/8 BBB chain weighs 1.6 LBS. per foot. Your chain and anchor will weigh about 220 Lbs. on the bow of your boat. That will affect performance. You need to decide your priorities.

uri 05-14-2002 10:22 AM

Anchoring, chain diameter is a big difference?
Well how much weight difference will be by using 40 m of 10 (3/8) istead of 50 m of 5/16 ?

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