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latestcaper 02-21-2008 05:21 PM

Hurricane Season
After buying my boat in the BVI and cruising the Caribbean for 2 seasons I am bringing her to the east coast. Our plan is to do the inland waterway, Erie canal, Great lakes then maybe ship to Vancouver or who knows. In the mean time boat is currently in Puerto Rico, after sailing her from Grenada this season. Leaving PR mid April to DR, Turks up the Bahamas then across to FL? GA?. Then I have to be Back to work July 1. Heres the question. I am looking for advise on where to leave the boat for Hurricane season? I would like to stay as far south as is resonable. Caralina's? Or should I take her to the Chesapeak? No insurance, I'd have to work another month each year. If so any Ideas where I might leave her? I am totaly new to the east coast. Also any Ideas about the trip from PR to the states? Any most do's or places to avoid? I only have 5 weeks to do the reseach so any advice would be appreciated.
Here's plan A schedule
Leave PR 4/10
Arrive Turks 4/18
Arrive Georgetown 5/10
Arrive Nassua 5/20
Leave northern Bahama's 6/1 to Jacksonville???
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!

sailingdog 02-21-2008 07:21 PM

Staying in Florida is probably not acceptable to your insurance carrier during peak hurricane season. The Carolinas are probably as far south as you can stay, if the boat is going to be in the water. If the boat is getting hauled for hurricane season, you probably have a lot more options.

camaraderie 02-21-2008 08:24 PM

1. You have a lot of time in the Turks to Georgetown section of your routing...that piece took us 3 days so unless you are stopping to smell the can save time there. From Georgetown to Nassau can also easily be done in 3 days.
2. Crossing to Jacksonville directly is not a problem and you will have help from the stream...BUT you should have charts and bail out alternatives if the weather threatens to kick up. Ft. Pierce, Canaveral & St. Augustine are all good inlet alternatives.

3. As to of the safest places down south statistically is right past Jacksonville on up the St John's River up in GreenCove Springs which is as far as you can go with your mast. Another alternative in Georgia is Brunswick but they get full quickly and you should call to reserve. I don't consider anywhere else in GA/SC or NC hurricane safe for an unattended boat. Up the Chesapeake is much safer but still no absolute assurance as I tended to my boat during 3 such hurricanes over a 20 year period there.
4.With no insurance on an expensive boat...I'd be inclined to bury her as far up the Chessie as possible. Since you can't afford insurance...I assume you can't afford to lose her either.

latestcaper 02-22-2008 11:03 PM

OK looks like I should store the boat up the Chessie some where. Any ideas?
Dock. mooring or on the hard? No real need to pull the boat.
Insurance is a crap shoot. I choose to bet the way they do. Plus I get an extra month a year to enjoy the boat and not work just to pay them.

camaraderie 02-22-2008 11:28 PM

Check Deltaville VA and Solomons MD on for some options as they tend to be less expensive than the Annapolis area. No need to pull out of the water but that may be cheaper.
You said hurricane season...but be aware that if you keep her in ANY southern state (north of FL) that you will pay a HEFTY personal property OR sales and use tax if you sign for long term dockage and aren't out of there before the taxman gets nosey...usually around Jan 1...but individual states vary.

latestcaper 02-23-2008 10:25 AM

Thank's for the heads up on the tax man. Sounds like it would make sence to move her down to Fl mid Nov. My cruising schedule is like 2 months on the boat 2 months home. That's about as long as my wife likes to be away from home. So that would work.
Yes, we want to enjoy as much of the Bahamas as much possible with the time constraints we have.

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