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VIEXILE 05-14-2002 05:00 AM

Hinckleys blown ashore
Just got off the phone with Pettegrow Yacht in SW Harbor Maine. Power''s out, it gusted to over 50kn and there''s three Hinckleys on the shore in Manset. Guess the repair shop will be busy at Henry''s. Alice Pettegrow said it could snow tonight. It''s ******* May 14th. I think I''ll go over to the Soggy Dollar today and ruminate on going the way, where''s KIMBERLITE?

VIEXILE 05-14-2002 06:57 AM

Hinckleys blown ashore
Now there''s four aground. Two on Clark Point and two on Manset shore next to Bobby Brown''s and the Manset Town Dock.

JohnDrake 05-15-2002 08:17 AM

Hinckleys blown ashore
Certainly nothing funny to have one''s boat blown on the shore... but regarding Maine though (a place I am truly fond of), I remember this famous cartoon picturing two Maine lobsterman out in a storm, just cruising along calmly in the blow, and one looks up and says, "must be pure hell ashore".

New England humor. :O) New Englander''s are hearty folk.

Tough life VI. Hope your B35 gets sold and we can be regaled with stories about your search for you new one. I still think you should have it trucked to Annap. For whatever reason, they sell well here.

All the best

VIEXILE 05-15-2002 10:36 AM

Hinckleys blown ashore
The boys on the dock at Great Harbor Marina called me here in the VI yesterday. Nothing funny about the noises I heard in the background. One very expensive Hinckley blew over to the Coast Guard dock and holed. The other three were yanked off and refloated. It SNOWED in Northern Maine. Reminds me of my father and his lobsterman buddy out in 6'' seas and 40kn in my dinghy, at night, in Eggemoggin Reach because they thought my mooring was dragging. Both of them over 70 years old. What a circus. I rerigged the Bristol and will have my friends in SW Harbor truck the boat to Miami so I can goof off in the Bahamas for a month in November delivering her down here - unless it sells beforehand. After September, time is not a huge object. I debated the Nov. run to Bermuda and south, and decided I''ll probably never get another chance to leisurely cruise the Thorny Path AND fully re-equip the boat. The difference is self-steering gear purchase vs. trucking. I want my ******* boat.

thomasstone 06-13-2002 06:50 PM

Hinckleys blown ashore
Buy the Cape Horn and do the november run south. I will doing the run leaving out of RI sailing to Bermuda then to Antigua on to Grenada.Btw I had a great time working in Grenada . Where are you?-thomas

VIEXILE 06-15-2002 07:36 AM

Hinckleys blown ashore
I''m in St. Thomas. I''m still ruminating. The difference between trucking to FL and running to Bermuda, given equipment differentials, etc., is negligible cost-wise. I can lift the boat right off the hydraulic trailer, splash it and have it "sailable" within hours of arriving in Florida. The leisurely, no-time-constraints-cruise through the Bahamas in Nov., ever-wary of the Christmas winds (which did''t really "happen" this past season) and with time to play the weather, appeals to me. I dunno yet. Too many other projects right now.....

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