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Stillraining 03-28-2008 05:56 PM

Your Better Half...In or Out
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I put this in General Sailing discussion because thats where I want to keep this going...OK guys...No dirty stuff...

Just want to find out how your wife...girlfriend...or... Husband ...boy friend...takes the sailing life...Are they gung ho...hate it...what

OH by the way pictures are darn near mandatory... After all this is our Offical unofficial Sailnet Directory...

I will start....

My wife was born and raised in Alaska...they had planes in the family no boats...So It has taken me years of power boating to acliment her to the water...we just got our sail boat last year...the jury is sill out for both her and all the kids...I am trying to take it slow and easy and will not get too crazy untill they let me know they want to...Im also trying ( very hard for me ) not to complain if they screw up..( ANOTHER winch handel kerplunk)...:rolleyes:
I want them to learn to like it... then learn to love it as much as I do (They all loved power wife too ...Some one sujested to me to sign them up for sailing lessons...I have been thinking about that and have decided that is a great idea and am going to do it....( With not so cute boys though..:o )

So there it is...they are not all on-board yet but headed there...

There is a good sign in the air they are getting excited about it getting back in the water....:D :D :D

teshannon 03-28-2008 06:08 PM

My wife has always loved sailing. She's just a little miserly when it comes to buying stuff for the boat. I keep telling her that new thing came with the boat but I probably can't get away with that much longer.

buckeyesailor 03-28-2008 06:13 PM

I have limited sailing experience......
My longest stretch at Sea was two weeks....
I've loved the Ocean since I knew what it was...:)

My wife doesn't even like water........hates boats and the idea of being ON a boat ON water........nuff said.:(

Ergo: Next Jan., Feb., and March.....I'll be ON a boat IN the my self........a dream of many many years realized.....:D

At least that's the plan........

Giulietta 03-28-2008 06:36 PM

In this respect I am trully a lucky man, but I do works towards my luck..

When I met Giulietta, she had never sailed, so I took her sailing in a LASER, in warm waters, and let her drive and sail a while...I introduced her to a slow sailing boat, in mild winds...she liked the helps she likes to be tossed around so she doesn't really bother with the seas..she does hate the wind in the face and in the hair, hence the dodger a small compromise when all is weighed..I hiked all day long till I couldn't feel my gut to keep the boat level for her...that was in 1990...never stopped since then

Now...we cruise 2 months a year at her request to the places she requests...2 months a year I have to obey to her wishes on a boat, in return to 10 months my way (given she doesn't sail much "my way")...we have reached a happy compromise...I sail as I want for 10 months, (with nothing inside for her), she sails how she wants for 2 months and I have the Strawbwerry shampoo and hair conditioner, the stove, fridge etc... on board.

The deal was that upon building of the boat, some things would be done for her confort...she does love to cook and is an excellent I had to accomodate her wishes in the construction..

I see it this way...I am not selfish or I will lose all...they are smarter and allways have their I compromise...she does too..

If she says she is not confortable with something, a rare thing...I stop...lately she sails less because Luis is very heavy and she gets tired of holding him...but now...Luis is getting his sea legs and is slowly becoming a sae rat like she is coming more often...

For example, when Joel arrives, she already told me she wants to show them Lisbon by the sea...knowing its a full day at sea with Luis...

My silly sailing wife with whom I never burn bridges....

eMKay 03-28-2008 06:39 PM

She's in, loves sailing, good at jib sheets, not so good with the tiller.

GreenEgg 03-28-2008 06:49 PM


You have a beautiful family.


Stillraining 03-28-2008 06:56 PM

Ahhhh! Yes!!...this is a famous quote from a wise old Portuguese sailor...I know it well...:p


Originally Posted by Giu;
My silly sailing wife with whom I never burn bridges....

Giulietta 03-28-2008 06:58 PM


Originally Posted by Stillraining (Post 291078)
Ahhhh! Yes!!...this is a famous quote from a wise old Portuguese sailor...I know it well...:p

Sorry..not old and defenately not wise...Portuguese YES...and proud of it!!

Stillraining 03-28-2008 07:02 PM

Some how I knew you would bite on that one ...:rolleyes:


Originally Posted by Giulietta (Post 291082)
Sorry..not old and defenately not wise...Portuguese YES...and proud of it!!

chucklesR 03-28-2008 07:05 PM

The Admiral understands sailing - loves the peace and quiet. Tolerates me on the boat most of the time, knows as much about getting the boat from point a to point b as I do - more if you account for the fact that she does it without all the practice I get.
She absolutely hates the fact that I learn things quickly, and have issues with patience. You asked about the how the partner takes to sailing, not me - but the bottom line is I seem to have both a temper and a rather heightened ability to spout out stuff I later regret. Fortunately I'm learning. Slowly, apparently, but quick enough to keep my mouth shut on anything not done 'MY' way unless it's a safety issue.

The name of our last two boats has been Patience. There is a reason for that, I assume :)
I blame the fact that we are catamaran sailors on her - saying I'd rather sail flat with her than heeled without her. Fact is, we both hate it. I don't feel comfortable at all - I had the perceived lack of control, she goes all frozen not knowing how to react. Sure we could learn - but why when we don't have to on a catamaran.
I wish she'd spend more time on the boat with me at the pier, scrubbing, fixing and such - get the sense of ownership flowing so to speak. But then I would not be so much fun for her. I do my best to make a weekend of boating as much a vacation for her and I can, provisioning, cleaning, carry the stuff down, etc..It helps I think. Lopsided arrangement? who cares. I boat with her instead of doing 'guy' weekends like some of my friends do.
As to is she happy - go to the gallery and her picture is there in my album. Check out the smile on her face. That photo was taken two weeks after we bought the boat on a trip that took us twice the distance we had ever gone before.
I'll take that as a yes, she's a partner on the boat.

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