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AlanBrown 07-06-2008 03:12 PM

Hey, stuff happens!
After reading another thread about someone losing their steering, I started to think about some of the problems I've had with my 1981 Hunter 30. So, I thought I'd share my experiences.

Several years ago I lost steering on my Hunter as I was leaving my marina slip in the Abacos. After a bit of confusion, I managed to power back to the dock and toss them a line. The steering cable had broken and needed replacement. Oh well, no vacation cruising on the Sea of Abaco for us that year. We'd just have to hang out at our beautiful marina/resort and make the best of the situation. Stuff happens, after all.

Fast forward to the following year.

Same slip, same marina, same cast of characters. After waiting 3 days of our 10-day vacation for the wind and seas to die down, its time to leave. While backing out of the slip (with my steering working just fine) the transmission cable breaks. I'm in reverse, heading toward the boats docked behind me, so I immediately shut down the engine. Luckily the wind pushed me back close enough to the dock so the dock guys could pull me back into my slip. The shifter cable had broken and needed replacement. Oh well, we spent the rest of our vacation sitting at the bar drinking Kalik. Stuff happens, after all.

Fast forward to this spring.

We wait 2 days for the winds to die down before venturing forth into the Sea of Abaco. This year we're able to leave the dock without incident. Hooray! All systems are go and we've got lots of great places to visit and explore.

Because of the expected passage of a strong frontal system, we head over toward Marsh Harbour and anchor in a sheltered spot east of the ferry dock.

Well, after a glorious afternoon the clouds start rolling in and the wind picks up. By 1 am the wind is howling and the boat is swinging back and forth, testing the holding power of my Delta anchor. No problem, it's set deep.

The next day, the wind continues to howl (25-35 knts.), but were lying comfortably at anchor. We've got books to read, food to eat, and rum to drink. Life is good!

The following day the wind dies down a bit, but all the rum's gone, so it's time to resume our cruise. When I start the engine, the first thing I notice is that there's no water coming out with my exhaust. I head down below to check the raw water intake to see if it's clogged with something. Everything looks good, but warm water if flowing down under the engine and into the bilge. This tells me that the water pump is doing its job. I turn off the engine. Obviously, something's not right with the cooling/exhaust system and I don't want to risk engine damage. So, it's back to the marina we sail. This marks the third straight year that Intuition has kicked our butts, but hey, stuff happens.

Our poor, old boat now sits on a mooring ball waiting for a new exhaust. At this point, I have no idea as to the extent of the repairs needed or their cost. I can only hope that the old adage "Trouble always comes in 3's" holds true and nothing breaks next spring. I'm not getting my hopes up, because we all know that stuff happens.

What stories do you folks have to share?

uspirate 07-06-2008 03:33 PM

bummer, looks like things can only get better..may i wish you good luck!

camaraderie 07-06-2008 07:31 PM

Breaking down in the Abacos has its' advantages! :D
Good luck with the exhaust and have another Klick!

Stillraining 07-06-2008 08:50 PM

Aye onlys sees one thing wrong with yor megalities...not enuff Rum ladie...not enuff rum..

nk235 07-06-2008 09:17 PM

Spent the past 4 days on the boat and after having not one thing break the whole season, I just had 3 things go on me all this weekend! I guess the saying is really true.

First the pressurized galley fresh water pump went and started spraying water all over the place when it was turned on.

Then the next day as I was just getting ready to drop the hook in a crowded anchorage I noticed the boat was not slowing down as I headed up to the wind in neutral. Worse yet it acclerated forward when I reved it up in reverse!
Checked in the engine compartment and saw the cable came off at the transmission linkage. The bolt and nut were sitting right there so I was able to get that fixed quick.

Then just today after my buddy left our raft up from the whole weekend and I was pulling in the fenders I noticed that one of the fenders must have been super tight between our two boats and as the boats moved up and down on each other the whole weekend the fender actually sanded off a good 1/4 inch section of my teak rail.

So sometime this week I will have to get a new fresh water pump and some sand paper and cetol but luckily they should be pretty easy fixes. Hopefully it will be a while before the next 3 things go.:rolleyes:

Stillraining 07-06-2008 10:09 PM

I have 3 daughters ...Things go wrong in triplets all the time around here..:rolleyes:

Gary1 07-07-2008 09:34 AM

Alan, is one of your crew named Murphy? If so, you have my permission and blessings to choke him, and turn him into chum.

Cap'n Gary

chucklesR 07-07-2008 10:30 AM

An ounce of preventation is worth a ton of cursing at ruined vacations.

My fuel pump kept dieing on me until I finally pulled it off and replaced it.

My outboard finally did the ethanol fuel choke and died until I rebuilt it.

My transmission refused to go into forward until I put some fluid in it.

Guess that'll learn me.

SEMIJim 07-07-2008 01:03 PM

*sigh* We know the feeling. We've managed to get one sail in this season, about a month ago. Coming back: She was acting like the prop was fouled. To make a long story short: The problem remains unsolved and we're unable to safely motor other than about dead slow in anything other than flat water and calm air. Even that's not safe, IMO, being as reverse "works" to get us out of the slip, but seems to do almost nothing to slow the boat down if she's got any forward momentum. (Makes docking a real slow-motion exercise.) So she remains tied-up at the slip :(.


RAGTIMEDON 07-07-2008 01:45 PM

Jim, you have gotten in one more than I have! The blasted river has been too dangerous this year, they even stopped all barge traffic. It crested a week ago 13 feet above flood stage, is now down to only 7 feet over and falling. I hope to get out on the weekend after next, but the adgenda says that should only be a trip upstream 8 miles to a marina that has a travel-lift capable of lifting 21000 pounds of Ragtime so I can do a bottom job. I may get to sail in August! Why does the 100 year flood seem to happen every 10-15 years? Stuff happens!!!

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