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bjoc2314 07-08-2002 06:40 AM

Where to Sail in NY
I grew up sailing small boats on The Great South Bay, but have never sailed anyhere else. I am in the market for a 30-34ft cruising boat to sail with my wife and we are trying to decide where to keep it. We live in Manhattan, so on the lower Hudson would be most convenient to home. I know where I sailed as a child did not have the depth for a boat like this, but I''m not sure if this is the general case for the South Shore and the South Shore has easy access to the ocean. I dont know much about the LI Sound. I know there are differences b/w price & convenience, but what I am looking for is opinions on quality of sailng, depth, wind, space to sail, places to go, etc. to distinguish the options. Thanks in advance.

HHJ 07-08-2002 12:52 PM

Where to Sail in NY
For me, there''s no contest - Long Island Sound is it. The Hudson and Upper New York Bay have strong currents which, when opposite the wind, can have you beating against steep waves at 6+ knots and not moving over the ground at all. While the scenery is spectacular, it can get old.

Currents on the Sound (at least most of it) are generally weak. there are plenty of bays and coves within easy daysailing reach and, if you''re more ambitious, you can just keep going east until you hit Nova Scotia. Just cruising within the Sound itself can last a lifetime.

I keep my boat on City Island which is about 30 minutes from Midtown and, if necessary, reachable by subway (#6 to Pelham Bay Park) and bus or express bus. The Yacht Clubs on City Island also have a very active racing program, which you can be part of without joining any club. We have boats of all sizes up to 55'' schooners, so depth is no problem.

bjoc2314 07-09-2002 10:48 AM

Where to Sail in NY
Thanks for the reply. What Marina do you keep your boat at on City Island and how much do you think a slip/mooring for a 32 foot boat would cost both in season and winter storage. Also, I am a car-less Manhattanhite. Do you take the subway/bus to the Marina as described? Is it efficient?


HHJ 07-11-2002 08:14 AM

Where to Sail in NY
I belong to one of the 4 yacht clubs on City Island - Stuyvesant, so my mooring and storage charges are tied together with membership dues and such. There are several commercial marinas you could call - Royal Marina, Consolidated and Minneford come to mind.

Being carless could be a problem. During the week, there are two Express Bus runs that are quick and efficient, but the times are not always convenient, generally around 4:15 and 4:45. On weekends, the #6 to Pelham Bay isn''t too bad (skip-stop service during the week is quicker) but then you have to transfer to the BX-29 (I think) bus to City Island. Frankly, the trip home can be agony. I used to try to bum a ride home with someone else from the Club until I got a car.

Despite the drawbacks of sailing on the Hudson, if you don''t have a car, you might actually be better off with a Manhattan marina. In that case, though, you can still think about weekend or week-long cruises on the Sound. Good luck either way.

bmcald 07-12-2002 04:18 AM

Where to Sail in NY
If you think you''ll only be sailing on the weekend, you might want to consider places on LI that you could take the train to. has listings and links to web sites, and marine guides to the area have listings with marina rates and other data.

Greeport, for example, would be a couple hours by train from NYC but there are at least 3 good marinas within a 10-15 minute walk of the train station. Great sailing out here!

Good luck,

hamiam 07-12-2002 04:25 AM

Where to Sail in NY
I live in Greenwich, CT and work in Manhattan. I''m not sure I would suggest the Sound unless you have either a very light boat or alot of patience as there is simply not alot of wind. I keep my boat in Newport.

tsenator 07-12-2002 09:07 AM

Where to Sail in NY
Via could go to almost any town in NY/Connecticut....all good sailing locations also..New Rochelle, Greenwich, norwalk, Stamford, Stratford, New Haven, get the picture. Pick up a metro North train will list trains...and there are a lot of them and some of the trains are walking distance to the water.

On the Long Island side you could do Pt Jeff, Oyster Bay, Huntington, Northport, etc

HHJ 07-12-2002 10:01 AM

Where to Sail in NY
Careful going that route. A lot of stations are NOT within walking distance - Stamford, for instance. Great harbor, great sailing locale, but you need a taxi to get to the water (don''t think I''ve ever seen a Stamford taxi . . .). As far as not much wind, that is certainly true historically, at least at certain times of the day, but this year and last have seen plenty of wind most of the time. Maybe something to do with global climate change . . . .

tsenator 07-12-2002 11:17 AM

Where to Sail in NY
Yes will need a taxi....and probably for most towns and marina''s. (Norwalk you might be able to walk to some??...there might be others?)

As for taxi''s in Stamford...they are lined up at the train station and easy to call. I have used them a number of times.

As for places to sail(and the original question)...I think Long Island Sound is one of the premier places to sail/cruise...much better and more places that the south side of LI. In the western part You have *wonderful* places to sail like Stamford, Greenwich, Oyster Bay, Huntington, Northport, Norwalk Islands, etc Milford, Bridgport, Pt. Jeff, Pt Washing. And they are all an easy sail with pretty and protected harbors. Sailing has been fine most of the past few will get those days (sometimes in august) when the wind is low in some parts of the day. Obviuosly Newport is windier, but its also many hours away from NYCity. But the relative location and protected harbours makes western LI sound great

The more east you go the more wind it seems you get....the places you can go are New Haven, Essex CT, The Conn River, Mystic, , Montuak, Block Island, Fisher Island The thimble islands, Orient Point, Shelet Island, etc.

ps...basically access to all these places are good...

bmcald 07-31-2002 12:03 PM

Where to Sail in NY
Anyone experienced in sailing east to west in the sound? I want to sail from Orient Pt, north fork of Long Island, to Mattituck and Pt Jeff, and am wondering if it would make sense to plan on heading to Ct River or thereabouts from Orient Pt and then to the north shore of LI. I don''t want to be bucking the prevailing SW all the way, and want to visit the Ct River too anyway, but may skip if time doesn''t permit and I can get to Mattituck and Pt Jeff without a headwind all the way.


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