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mikehoyt 07-09-2002 04:57 AM

Capsize, TF, spouses & bigger boats
Hey let''s move the thread about bigger boats and such out of the CAPSIZE discussion.

I love to put in my 2 cents as much as nobody else wants to hear it....

I grew up with dingys and then a 19 foot full keel daysailor (McVay Minuette - similar to Victoria 18). I like small boats because I find them more fun to sail. I also find that much like the Peter Principle bigger is not always better. Eventually the boat will get big enough that it is difficult to handle without a larger crew and represents too big an investment to keep if it is not being used enough...

TF aside in my case it is my wife who always wants a bigger boat because that means more interior room. We started looking at a daysailor and she wanted a boat with a head. The 18 foot boat we initially talked about was purchased as a 23 foot boat. This opened up more possibilities and it is now a 26 foot boat. I am very happy with the way the boat sails but my wife now eyes the 30 footers ....

No I don''t think that it is just the guys that want the toys ... however as with all things the tings I want to improve on the boat do not always correspond to my spouses ideas... but enough so that we have one!

It''s been a fun topic even if a little off teh beaten track!



Jeff_H 07-09-2002 08:49 AM

Capsize, TF, spouses & bigger boats
It is funny, but it has generally been my spouse(s) who wanted the bigger boat. They have usually wanted a little more comfort and in this latest case the ability to bring another couple along. I really liked the size of my 28 footer for the ease of single-handing and in doing things in general.

That said, as I am getting used to and getting some of the bugs out of my current boat, I find that its not that much harder to single-hand my current 38 footer than my previous 28 footer and that in some ways it offers a lot more convenience albeit at the expense of using more sophisticated electronics and bigger hardware.

The thing that I have noticed is that with far greater frequency than the past, people who are just getting into sailing want to start with bigger boats and see their first boat as their ultimate boat. Maybe this is just me but, I just don''t get it. It took me nearly three years to research what was out there in the size range I was interested in and to get sails on or to talk to owners of sisterships of models I was considering before I was certain which was the right model for my needs. I don''t understand how someone who is just learning to sail can make a reasoned and informed decision on a bigger boat. I am not putting anyone down here but it sure is a mystery to me.


928frenzy 07-09-2002 03:59 PM

Capsize, TF, spouses & bigger boats
Before we bought our first sailboat (a 34'' Hunter) we did lots of research as to how we intended to sail. I read several books on cruising, day-sailing, liveaboards, etc., and we either subscribed or were given gift subscriptions to several sailing magazines for a year before taking the plunge. One of the books I read recommended to get as big a boat as one could reasonable expect to handle. I had sailed on a friend''s Lord Nelson 35'', and found it to be easy to sail. Based on that and the advice received from my friend and the many books and magazines I had read, we decided to look for something in the mid thirties.

Ultimately, we decided that living aboard was not something we wanted to do right-away. Also, we both felt that extended cruising was to be done when we had much more experience. That left us with day-sailing and occasional weekend cruises. For that, almost any size boat could have fit the bill, but we also wanted a reasonable amount of comfort and ease of handling. Basically it came down to something that acommodate two couples, yet easy enough for the two of us to handle. Price was also a factor, as we didn''t want a huge second mortgage on a depreciating asset that we were not sure we would really like.

We decided that if the day comes when we do want to do more cruising, we would sell the Hunter 34 and move up to something more seaworthy. For now, the 34'' is just about right. A smaller boat would likely be easier to handle, but probably would not be as comfortable or have as nice a motion in a seaway. Also, the price was just right, and that might be the real deciding factor.

~ Happy sails to you ~ _/) ~

73mensailed 07-12-2002 12:45 AM

Capsize, TF, spouses & bigger boats
I can''t agree more 928, that Hunter is a beauty. Nice choice. Ours is a ''92 Macgregor classic.
My wife and I decided on a sailboats last year for a number of reasons. We love the water. She loves to fish. I''m into reading in the hammock. We swim. We love to camp. Going to the outdoors is one of the things we bond with. Just had to budget.
See we''re in Arizona. We have freshwater lakes, large enough to enjoy 1-2 days on. You know, weekends. But San Diego, oh baby!!! 3-5 days off, in the summer when it''s 110 degrees. Heck, you don''t even need to leave SD Bay. Mexico(Gulf of Cal. or Pac side), Catalina, Santa Barbara, Channel Isles, San Fran. The only thing we had to be wary of was "diving in too deep" with a boat that was too big or expensive.
Ours, now, we got from the original owner who kept it in his garage when not in use. Great garage, Tim the Toolman would be proud. But it was in perfect shape. It was loved. We fell for it on first sight. After spending a few long weekends on it my wife, out of the blue wondered if we should look at a bigger one. At that moment, I never loved her more.

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