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stpeteguy 08-15-2002 12:52 PM

Have Sailnet changes been announced?
I''m wondering if anyone has seen an announcement at Sailnet''s web site about Sailnet selling off its "custom shops" (that''s the large manufacturing area behind the old store) and moving their order center up to South Carolina, where the Boyles live?

I ask because Sailnet has apparently had cash flow ''issues'' for some time now - some of their suppliers now operate solely on a COD basis - and some local customers will only order a sail or spar or canvas or cushion work on a COD basis. Apparently, the Boyles have sold the manufacturing function to buyers who used to work for Mr. Johnson, when the facility was known as JSI or Johnson Sails, Inc.

I ask all this because it would seem Sailnet customers should know who they are placing an order with. If you order a cushion today, the local scoop is that it will be delivered by a new, different legal entity. And given the cash flow issues, you might ask yourself how any deposits are protected.

The above info comes from one local marine tradesman who deal with Sailnet and a department head within Sailnet, so it isn''t dock rumor. I thougth there might be some Sailnet customers here who would want to know the scoop before plunking down their money.

Has Sailnet announced these changes here, to anyone''s knowledge?

MaryBeth 08-15-2002 08:43 PM

Have Sailnet changes been announced?

No, I''ve not seen any announcement of any cash flow ''issues'', but I have recently ordered items and received them promptly. Others I know have ordered items recently from SailNet and have had absolutely no problem receiving their orders from SailNet after "plinking down their money".

Just in case you were actually born yesterday, many marine businesses hit times when they run on a COD situation with their suppliers. This isn''t dock rumor from ONE local yahoo, it''s personal experience with a couple of major yacht brokers on the East Coast.

I thought that there might be some SailNet customers who would want to ask you who you really are and what interest you really have in the matter. And puh-leeze have your answer include correct spelling and grammar (Oh, gave me a headache trying to read your post).


stpeteguy 08-16-2002 12:18 PM

Have Sailnet changes been announced?
Because Mary Beth missed the question as well as the logic for asking it, guess I''ll try to clarify - gee, hope I spell to everyone''s satisfaction.

The question was whether visitors here have seen an announcement about Sailnet selling off their customs shops. Why ask it? a) some of us here (just like MaryBeth and also me) might be Sailnet customers. b) some of our business might go to their custom shops (a sail or a cushion or a lifeline or some canvas work , where they typically ask for a deposit. c) those businesses are reported as of this week - by one of their shop managers and also a marine tradesman here in St. Pete, not some yahoo on a dock - to be changing ownership.

Let''s see if I can put this into ''not born yesterday'' terms: when suppliers won''t supply extrusions or fabric or cable without being paid in advance (COD), is it prudent to offer cash up front for work requiring supplies Sailnet might not have in stock? If you contract with legal entity A for custom shop work, would you like to know that legal entity B is who must complete it? Would you like to read how the ownership change will work, so that B gets your money from A? I try to manage my money better than some businesses I read about today; am I being stupid to ask about these things upfront? Or perhaps being reasonable asking about what I may have missed, since I''m not here very often?

Who am I? A guy living in St. Pete who needs some rigging and canvas work done on my boat and, since I used Sailnet''s same custom shops when they were JSI, would consider going back to them. And it would help, if Sailnet offerred news of the transfer, for me to see it before I take the next step.

Westsail - just one example - failed after using new customers'' money to build existing customers'' boats. Perhaps MaryBeth would have happily plunked down her deposit; I''m trying to be a little more careful. If we share info here about what we like or don''t about a marine product or vendor after we buy it , why can''t we try to get help here before the purchase? Geesh...

Anyone heard/seen anything on this site about the ownership change? If so, I''d appreciate being directed to it. Thanks.

Denr 08-16-2002 01:59 PM

Have Sailnet changes been announced?
Hey cut Maryveeberth some slack, she''s probably not had the rock-hard SS wheel in her hand for some time now and she is feeling a little frustrated. We all get a little cranky when we''ve not had some (sailing) for a while. She should travel to Chicago next weekend and go sailing with me. I''ll even be her galley slave and fetch her beer and sandwiches! The woofer has to stay home.

MaryBeth 08-17-2002 09:33 PM

Have Sailnet changes been announced?

Well, thanks, Denr. Although I have had some (sailing) in the last few weeks, it''s been on those little bitty thirty footer and less boats around here. Size does matter! The only really lovely sail I had was on a 32 footer that I single handed for an entire afternoon after rigging and commissioning her (all myself) for a couple I know who just opened a dealership. I even got to take my dog, a - guess what, ****(er spaniel). Would love a good (sail) and a galley slave to fetch and grab (beers). You do know the way between a girl''s sea legs, you dog!

It''s still warm enough to be in Chicago, so sorry I can''t be there.


billkirk 08-19-2002 12:22 PM

Have Sailnet changes been announced?
stpeteguy - The reason you haven''t seen an announcement is because it hasn''t been made yet. We have a press release ready, but like all deals, it''s not official.

The short version is that the Marketing, Purchasing, Accounting, Web Development, and IT departments are based in Charleston, SC. Warehousing and Manufacturing are in St Petersburg, FL. Twice the rent, utilities, and somethimes salaries due to two locations.

After carefully reviewing each of the units, we made the decision to sell some of them, while retaining others along with the warehouse, and move these to Charleston.

Of the units that will be sold, a large percentage of their business is OEM or retail work specific to the St. Petersburg geographic area. The units that will be moved are less dependent on OEM work and retail sales in that geographic area.

We will make an official announcement as soon as all of the t''s are crossed and the i''s are dotted.

On the bright side, we won''t have to charge sales tax in Florida once the deal is done.


Bill Kirk
VP Marketing

WHOOSH 08-19-2002 05:30 PM

Have Sailnet changes been announced?
Bill, I appreciate you replying on behalf of Sailnet. For those of us with work to be done, I guess we need to wait until the new owners are unveiled and we get a feel for the new/old operation.

Wega24 08-20-2002 07:37 PM

Have Sailnet changes been announced?
First of all Sailnet has always been very good to me and I will "travel" with them wherever they go.

As for the custom shops. I have a woderful Airforce Spinaker and will buy sails from that loft, if it belongs to sailnet or if it belongs to somebody else.

As for deposits on custom work. Are you sending them cash ??? I use a credit card for transactions like that. Its rather simple to ask for the money back, if the work isnt done, or the company dissapears....

Therefor I dont think that there is any concern whatsoever....

1. Good quality work is done in the SAILNET custom shops. And good work will stay around.
2. Credit Cards are really nice in case of a dispute, they almost always favour the customer and not the vendor.


gerryn926 08-21-2002 05:06 AM

Have Sailnet changes been announced?
I second your notion. Sailnet has always been good to me. Always great prices and good service. I will continue to use them when appropriate, maybe more since I live in FL and will get the benefit of no sales tax once they move.

WHOOSH 08-21-2002 03:02 PM

Have Sailnet changes been announced?
Just an observation from the sidelines: this thread is about the "custom shops", which I''m guessing most of visitors here don''t use regularly. When run as JSI, they were fine. I''ve been out cruising and so haven''t had/needed to use those shops while Sailnet has owned them. But I''ll watch things with care before taking business there, even tho'' I hear that former JSI folks will be running the operation, which is the good news. Why wait a bit? Because that''s what you do when you''re deciding where to take your business (and money) and it''s useful to see how smooth the transition is before leaping in with an order.

Those of you who order an autopilot or some dacron line are in a different situation. Sailnet just passes the merchandise along and has no say in how well it works. When you have some lifelines made...or maybe the cushion on which you sleep at want to make sure the job''s done well.

Adios to Sailnet in St. Pete. Welcome back, JSI (Son of JSI?). I think we''ve just seen yet another Dot Com head over the horizon....


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