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modul8 11-03-2008 09:27 PM

towing advice needed
OK. I have a 29 ft tanzer on the hard in chicago. I live in southwest Ontario. , some 350 miles east. On Friday, it will be lowered onto my new trailer. I plan on towing it with a 1997 f250. the tanzer is rumoured to weigh around 7200#s dry. I may have as much as a full tank of fuel and water in her, so i'll just say 7500 for the sake of argument. the trailer should be under 1500#s. it has 3 axles. with 2 tires per axle. I am fairly confident in the trailer's ability.
my question is, do you think a 3/4 ton truck can haul this load reliably?
this is the first time i have ever hauled anything this large/heavy
any words of advice?
my permits are on their way.

retclt 11-03-2008 09:35 PM

It sounds like you're set!

The 250 will be fine. Stopping is the only issue . . . even with good trailer brakes. Keep a huge distance in front and if the roads are slick stay off! Get a room. I know too well . . .

Man that's a lot of wheels! you're are definitely well equipped trailer wise.

Nice job!

PBzeer 11-03-2008 09:42 PM

Since it's primarily flat, you might make it, but you'll put about a year or more worth of wear on the truck. I'd want at least a one ton dually for that job. Also, if that's a fixed keel boat, you're talking a fairly high center of gravity behind you, as well as stopping all that weight. Assuming you go across the Indiana toll road to I-69 and through at Sarina, you've got a fairly straight forward trip once you're out of Chicago.

I would certainly, at a minimum, drain the fuel into jerrycans and dump the water.

merc2dogs 11-03-2008 11:14 PM

F250 should handle the load very well.

Towed some pretty heavy boats with smaller vehicles, a 26ft IO with a bronco2, and I've moved the ariel with my explorer.
Decent brakes on the truck and trailer make it easy, loading the truck will help a great deal, move what you can from boat to truck. Wouldn't take either boat/truck combo on the freeway, and stayed away from high-traffic areas, but it can be done.

IF you decide against the pull, try talking to a mobile home setup company, they are well equipped for moving trailers, worked for one up in ceder springs and we moved boats all the time, one I remember was a 55 foot steel hulled river queen houseboat, huge load going down the road. If you have the permits, it'll save you a bit of cash, most setup companies charge like triple for the permits.


bubb2 11-03-2008 11:24 PM

Faster 11-04-2008 01:03 AM

Count on the trip taking at least half again as long as the same drive without the tow... You'll really need to be concious of any hills, corners, and as Bob T said, lousy driving conditions.

Even if things feel fine as you're driving along avoid the temptation to speed up... stay in the slow lane, tap her light and get home in one piece!

Best of luck

9407 11-04-2008 01:31 AM

hello, jeff here. you can find out your trailer weight by taking it to weight scales, most times if you simply ask politely they will weight it for you. on your trailer registration you should have info about capacity. if not there try the manufacture tag. 3 axels are great if they are rated at the weight you are gonna pull for ex. 3 axels at 3500# = 10500 subtract the weight of your trailer (3 axel bumperpull could be up to and more than 2000#s) 3 axels at 7000 each makes it much greater capacity. so just do your math. some trucks have tire min sizes to handle the loads check the truck manufacture sticker.....last but not least if your not sure just contact the dot and ask what their requirements are. hmmmm one more thing you might want to consider is checking the bearings before you go as they are no fun to replace while your boat is loaded....i take a complete new set including seal with me when i pull mine.

Rockter 11-04-2008 08:18 AM

Pump the fresh water tank dry.
It will help a little.

timebandit 11-04-2008 10:12 AM

Think stoping!!

You can control how fast you accelerate and turn but if something causes you to stop fast what is going to happen?

Will the mast shoot foward like a spear?

Will the boat slide foward on the trailer?

What about the contents?


timebandit 11-04-2008 10:42 AM

Since I hate to edit---

After about 10 miles check for hot tires or hubs and every thing else that may have changed since you started.


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