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KenD 09-25-2002 08:53 AM

book maiden voyage
I have just finnished reading the book The girl''s got moxie. Why anyone would do that without a complete refit of all systems is a mystery to me, the least they should have done is a trial cruise for a few days,maybe cleanse the fuel tank replace the fuel lines, you know sensible stuff It''s a shame that parents try to forfill thier own dreams thru their kids risk.

thomasstone 09-25-2002 02:42 PM

book maiden voyage
The boat was brand new, what was their to refit. "I wil pay for your college ,or buy you a boat to sail around the world".Whats wrong with that? -thomas

KenD 09-25-2002 03:20 PM

book maiden voyage
OK maybe I misread that part, It doesn''t say much for brand new with the problems she had from the get go the motor lasted what 1.5 hrs before quitting,the chainplates leaked like a seive. Just making a statement about preparing for something as major as circumnavigating the earth. I know a free boat is great but at what cost. Would you buy a boat fuel up and try to go around the world,I wouldn''t.

thomasstone 09-25-2002 04:42 PM

book maiden voyage
The boat was a new Contessa 26, but it just goes to show new or old you have to expect problems. It has easily been about five years since I read that book ,but from what I can remember her dad was quite an adventurer himself. I did not see the dad trying to live through her. Of course I would go on my dads dime. -thomas

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