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73mensailed 10-23-2002 02:10 PM

Strictly Sail Chicago
OK Sailor Boys and Girls here''s the big question. Is it really worth leaving Arizona in the middle of winter?

We have a unique opportunity to be in Chicago for 2 days during that show. We have seen the site and are curious. It seems like the website has quite a few exibitors and seminars planned all ready. There are also a lot of manufacturers that will have new boats there.

Is it a must see show? Or is it just run of the mill? It certainly isn''t small. But it is Chicago in winter.

I would hope that you all can give us some feedback if you''ve been there or are going. Thank You, The Brown Family

Wega24 10-23-2002 08:05 PM

Strictly Sail Chicago
Its a nice show. If you are in CHicago anyhow, you must go there. Flying from AZ tro the show however is a little far. Than better go to Miami later in the year. At least the weather is much nicer.
You guys from AZ might freeze to death in Chicago... lol

But again its a smaller shopw than Annapolis ( of course ) and Miami , but very comfy and informative ... I am going for sure
( 5 hours drive )


73mensailed 10-29-2002 10:56 PM

Strictly Sail Chicago
Hey Thorson,

5 hour drive, hope the weather is clear as well as the roads.

Well my wife and I went to the site and they had a deal on rooms and flights. We''re going to be there. The rooms at the Fairmont Chicago are discounted, being the Host Hotel, but the deals on Southwest Airlines were not the best for us. Wanted a non-stop flight. I''m sure it will be a little chilly so I figure we need to stay a little closer to each other. That''s me and the bartender. Not the wife and bartender. Better yet, I''ll stay close to the wife, with the Bourbon and bartender close too.

So, if your going to be there, and all the others that read these posts, Let''s make it a party! Especially all those regular posters. Some of you must be going? Denr or Jeff H. or the others(not trying to miss anyone, or picking on anyone in paticular). I haven''t been to Chicago in 30 years and the wife has never been, so we''re looking to have some fun.

Keep in touch on the boards or contact me through sailnet. All are invited on this, we would love to hear everything anyone has to say about their sailing. Thanks

Denr 10-31-2002 05:04 AM

Strictly Sail Chicago
I''m there.

email_test 10-31-2002 05:08 AM

Strictly Sail Chicago
Glad to see you coming. It''s been a good show over the years and has the advantage of being very focused -- Miami gets wierd with everything broken up between the various venues.

See you there.

-- Sam

waltzingmatilda 11-02-2002 03:49 PM

Strictly Sail Chicago
I''ve been there for the past four years or so, and am looking forward to this year as well. Sailnet has had a spot at the show, and I hope they will again this year. Perhaps Sam can let us know. If people are going to meet there then that would be the place to meet.
The thing I like about this show is the forums -- I think there are more in Chicago than at some of the other sailboat shows, and these are the main reason I go.
If anyone is organizing a meeting spot and time, let the list know so that we all have the chance to get together.

73mensailed 11-30-2002 06:27 AM

Strictly Sail Chicago
Well there''s only 60 days till the show. With the holidays between now and then, I''m sure a lot of us will be busy with that so, I decided to to revive this post and see if there were any others going and if we/they would still like to meet?

The Host hotel is the Fairmont, and according to the map, just a short distance from Navy Pier. How about we meet for Happy Hour,6:00 pm, Friday at the Lobby Bar at the Fairmont?

I''ll even lay down a challage for all that attend. Bring some photos of your boat and your very best sailing anecdote. The best story(majority vote) will win an appetizer, along with a host of other prizes(unlimited glasses of water, free tokens for the pay-toilets, clean silverware, the list is goes on). You will even be eligible to qualify for the "I''ll by that round" competition.

Anyways, let''s see if we can get a consencus of attendees that this will be a central spot to meet.

Hope To See You,

D&D Brown
1992 Mac 26s

Irwin32 11-30-2002 12:24 PM

Strictly Sail Chicago
I live an hour away from Navy Pier. I go every year, but I do not think this is a show that is worth a long trip to see. You will see pretty much the same boats you see at all the shows - Catalina, Jeneau, Hunter, Tartan, Caliber. There will be a few unsual makes, but the mojority of the show will be boats you have seen before.

I go because I love to be around boats and sailors and, living nearby, it helps me get through the cold Illinois winter.

If you want to visit Chicago, go to the show. To make a special trip - I say it is not a good enough show to justify the expense.

Denr 12-02-2002 12:29 PM

Strictly Sail Chicago
Like Irwin32, I live an hour away from Navy Pier. If you''re (73womenslayed)staying at the Golden Palace (Fairmont) I will only meet you if you plan to buy all drinks and dinner. I''m sure I speak for all other interested sailors.

73mensailed 12-02-2002 09:52 PM

Strictly Sail Chicago
Hey Denr,

Any other places near there that might be more to our liking? All suggestions welcome. Someplace better anyone, speak up. Was the day and time ok?

I just named the host hotel, frankly because we''re staying there. We will be transporting through downtown Chicago via Taxis (Biped method only if necessary). And we''re meeting relatives for dinner downtown too, so if there''s something better in the area, Let''s Go!!

I thought about renting a car and driving out to where my Grandfather had his farm. I''ve been told it''s all houses now but there still is a creek running through town that we use to skinny dip in. Oh well it''s been 37 years.

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