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stretch63 01-14-2001 04:34 PM

Bottom Paint for Trailerables
Okay, I''ve read alot...I''ve heard alot...WHAT IS THE BEST TYPE OF PAINT FOR A TRAILERSAILER?? AND, what''s the best way to apply it?

brownell 01-22-2001 05:34 PM

Bottom Paint for Trailerables
When you find out, let me know. We usually scrape it off with the trailer anyway. How about your basic WestMarine Bottom Shield?

stretch63 01-23-2001 06:23 PM

Bottom Paint for Trailerables
I''ve been contemplating using a really "slick" racing-type paint since the boat isn''t kept in the water (fouling isn''t a great concern). My big question is durability...will that type of paint stand up to repeated launchings and recoveries??

sailorb 01-24-2001 09:03 AM

Bottom Paint for Trailerables
I have a Hunter 26, bought it new in 94, I used the VC-17 for several reasons, there isn''t a paint that is going to resist scraping from repeated launches, VC-17 can be easily recoated, wipe the area with acetone or naptha, and use an airless sprayer to recoat, after it dries, buff it with a towel, you now have a teflon race finish and it really keeps the crud off.

ABaris 01-26-2001 09:23 AM

Bottom Paint for Trailerables
If fouling isn''t a concern and the boat doesn''t stay in the water, why do you want to paint it and add one more maintenance chore? Plenty of daysailers and race boats have been dry-sailed for years with nothing on the bottom but the original gel coat.

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