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Mauryd 10-02-2009 04:40 PM

Hobie Cats Club (all Cats welcome)
Hi all you Cats!

I am writing this thread because I have just gotten into Hobies. I am wondering if we have many Hobie Cats on SN. If so, let's talk. Anything Hobie or Cat related that you want to talk about is ok. Even if it's not Hobie in particular. Prindle, Nacra,... whatever! Welcome to all Cats.

I bought 3 older ones. Two H-16's and one H18. We are really pumped about getting into cats!

My background is powerboats primarily but 3 seasons ago I got on a race crew on a J35 here on Saginaw Bay. I've done 3 Mac races since. I bought a little Chrysler LS13 this year and my son and I also sailed that this Summer. We have a Pontoon, a 13' Whaler, a Paddle boat, and a Canoe.

I know.

The 2 H-16's have fiberglass repair eeds that my son and I will be fixing and Gelcoating this winter.

We bought the Hobies at the end of the season, (within the last couple of weeks) because people are getting rid of them at a great bargain here in Michigan. They don't want to store them over the winter. Luckily I have plenty of storage available for free and a place to work on them.

I am definitely looking for advice on sailing and fixing from all you Cats.

Best Regards,


stpetersburgsailor 10-02-2009 05:54 PM

fun stuff Maury
three! wow, is one not enough :)

definitely practice your backwinding jib technique for tacking

& these boats are not for old guys, like me!
enjoy :)

Mauryd 10-02-2009 10:57 PM

I'm 46 but I refuse to be as old as my age. I guess I like the adrenaline on the edge. I stay in fairly decent shape so that helps. I want to be able to sail a Hobie when I'm 70. That's not too far fetched today.

I plan on selling at least one of the Hobies this spring. I found a great deal on the first H16 then I found a fantastic deal on the 2nd H16 that I couldn't pass up. ($400 with boat, galvanized trailer, sails and all. Ready to sail but needs cosmetic work)

Then I came across the last Hobie I just bought 2 days ago A 76 Hobie H18. Hulls totally gelcoated on bottom halfs, nice tramp, 2 sets of sails, roller furling, Spare tires and rollers for trailer, brand new tires and rims on the trailer. The only work I have to do is paint the dagger boards, rudders, and scrape and paint the trailer.

I can't even tell you what I paid for it. Trust me. Great deal.

My son and I will have projects to keepp us busy all winter on Wednesday nights and weekends. Gonna be great!

Hobies and small, fast boats are the very best way to learn how to helm. That is what I am told by all the salts in my area.

I am just stoked.

Welcome to the Hobie club!


US27inKS 10-03-2009 07:59 AM

I have 2 Hobie 16's. The first one I've had for years, but is a parts boat due to soft hulls and one of the hulls folding backward when I pitchpoled it. The other I bought for my son a few weeks ago. Good hulls, but needs other work. Good thing I have the parts boat. For 450 I couldn't pass it up.

If the H18 is in good shape, keep it and get rid of the 16's. The H16 doesn't have enough buoyancy in the bows and is way too easy to pitchpole. Besides, the 18 is much faster.

Mauryd 10-03-2009 11:58 AM

Welcome John,

Thanks for the insight. This is exactly what I am looking for.

With this new information, I think what I will look at doing is finish both 16's and sell the 78. I'll keep the 85 H16 and will will begin our Hobie sailing experience with her in May. Then when we feel comfortable, say 2 weeks to 4weeks of sailing the H16 then we will begin sailing the 18 on the Bay and up on Huron. We could move the H16 over to our small inland lake for a permanent home on a hoist in front of our cabin. I am told that the 16 is a better light air boat. Is that correct? If it is, the 16 will be great on our lake. Very long but very narrow. Also very shallow at many points. Add to that the milfoil weed that present a snag feature for the dagger boards on the 18.

This has been really helpful John. Thanks! And welcome to the Hobie Club!



winchmaster 10-03-2009 01:50 PM

I've been sailing my H16 for a few years on Lake Higgins. I just recently repaired the soft spots in front of the trampoline. I found a web site call THEBEACHCATS.COM that has a lot of information on hull repair! The last time I was on Higgins I broke off the starboard rudder fling the hull. The wind was blowing about 15 to19 mph on my gauge.(skymate) My cat is a 1977 corvette an no doubt about it, fun to sail. I'm 53 y-old, an love sailing my cat. I'm also looking for a club or group of people who likes getting together to sail for the day or weekend. My son went and join the marine so I lost my sailing buddy. (job opening)

Mauryd 10-03-2009 04:19 PM

Welcome Winch!

Congrats on your son. I am a former Marine myself. 0311. Semper Fi.

Anyway, I am over on Long Lake by Hale. Not too far. My buddy found my first Hobie 16 for me. His name is Randy and he has a place on Higgins. The 78Hobie I bought was from a friend of his on Higgins. Light Blue hulls with blue and white sails, owned by Mike.

We may have to hook up this summer. I like the idea of heading over to Tawas but Higgins would be fun also as I know several people there.

Looking forward to chatting with you.


ottos 10-05-2009 01:53 PM

I'm a Hobie owner for the last 5 years. Much as I love Sailnet, for Hobie knowledge, you cannot beat the repository of knowledge on Hobie's board. They have a factory expert who is online almost every day, and many National champs contributing as well. Hobie Cat Forums • Index page

Have fun!

Mauryd 10-05-2009 09:11 PM

Welcome Ottos,

Yeah, I am a member on that board. Great technical board. I like this board for actually conversing socially.

I don't why but this site just seems more like a board that sailors get together and chat about sailing.

Maybe I just didn't hit the right thread.


BBurg 10-05-2009 09:47 PM

Another Cat Sailing Jarhead here (8654). Congrats on your son's choice. He's with a great group of men.

A few years after I got out of the service in 1969 I bought a new Hobie 16. Sail number 10822. I had that boat until 1984. I bought a NACRA 5.8 and never thought about the old Hobie again. In 1999 I bought another Nacra 5.8 and still sail it regularly. I'm teaching my son the ropes (sheets?) and passing on knowledge.

When I was a little younger I would sail all weekend in heavy weather, get wet, get tired, but when I went to work on Monday I felt great. Now that I'm a bit more seasoned I can still do the get wet, get tired thing, but on Monday morning I can neither lift my own coffee cup to my lips or feed myself. I would like to find the person that called these the golden years and stomp on him with my titanium hip joint until my by-pass gave out.

I'm gonna get me a big fat monohull with a round butt and teach my son to sail that. (Once I learn). I just gotta believe that at this point I would rather sit in a nice snug cockpit with a fat bottomed wench and sip rum rather then hang out on a wire in 20 kt. winds taking salt spray to the face. Besides, my Speedo's are getting a bit tight.

Careful of burying a hull on the Hobie. They can go from 15 knots to zero in about two feet. You will launch off the trapeze, play maypole around the mast and end up with your feet pointing skyward while you're stuck to the jib. All this happens just before the infamous turtle exercise.:)

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