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NickCrooks 01-01-2003 03:32 PM

Privilege 585
I''m looking for reviews or other 3rd party information on privilege yachts and the 585 in particular. To me, they look like the best yachts out there. Do others have an opinion the other way? I haven''t seen much written on them, but plenty of articles extolling the perfection of yachts that don''t look half as good.


(BYW, I''m not in the market for buying one, just fantasizing)

robw_fl 01-02-2003 05:08 AM

Privilege 585
Just got back from sailing Biscayne Bay in Miami aboard a Privilege 39 for the past few days. Enjoyed the boat generally speaking. But personally, I had a few issues with it. The boat had a lot of motion for its size. I thought the layout could have been a little better (although this one, w/4 staterooms / 4 heads had to make the most, and sometimes too much of, the space alotted) and I also found it to be a bit slower than I expected when sailing anywhere from a beam reach to close-hauled. Small tramps too, due to the "nose" that''s so prominent on the Privilege.

Sailed the same waters last summer aboard a Venezia 42, and was quite surprised at the difference. The Venezia had a much better ride, better accomodations, and just a more spacious feel to it.

I will give the privilege this though - the cockpit layout was great. had up to 8 on board and it served us well. Can''t say the Venezia would have done as well there. I guess there are always comprimises!

NickCrooks 02-02-2003 09:20 PM

Privilege 585
The earlier Privilege line is quite different than the newer line (the older line, from the late 80s gives measurements in meters, the 39'' is the Privilege 12m) From what I can tell, they designed a luxury 65'' which had quite a new design, then kept improving that design to get the smaller, newer fleet (Privilege 37'', 435, 465, and 585). The newer yachts are supposed to be faster, have less motion under way, and be even more spacious inside (the 585 has about the same room as the 65).

The "nose" is my favorite feature! It is supposed to improve rigidity, as well as vastly increase volume. It looks like it might work well at decreasing slamming, is this the case? I can''t find specs for underwing clearance so I don''t know how it is for slamming in the first place.

Anyone else have experience or opinions or seen reviews on the Privilege range?

Rob B 02-25-2003 09:20 AM

Privilege 585
Hi Nick,

You''re right, there is precious little written about cruising catamarans in general especially the Privileges. I take it you''ve been to the website for pictures of the 585. I have no hands on experience with Privileges, but I have been lusting after them for years and have in the process gained a lot of info about them, at least model-wise. I am also currently searching for info on the 585, which is how I came across your e-mail.
Older Privilege models utilized the central nacelle for accomodations, which pushed the ground tackle storage (heavy chain) forward causing more motion. You''ll notice all the latest models have moved the chain storage further back, limiting accomodations in the nose. The 585 is a large enough boat to still have accomodations in the nacelle and still have room left over forward.
Good luck searching and let me know if you find any more info on the 585.

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