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DuaneIsing 01-08-2003 06:24 AM

Anyone going to the Atlantic City show this weekend?
We''ll be there for the day on Sat 11 Jan 03. If any SailNet BBers will be there then, we can try to meet for a quick chat.


Mclion71 01-08-2003 07:57 AM

Anyone going to the Atlantic City show this weekend?
I''ll be there on Saturday.
Jim McCoy

DuaneIsing 01-10-2003 08:20 AM

Anyone going to the Atlantic City show this weekend?
Jim (Mclion71),

I let time slip away and we''re leaving this afternoon for the trek SE to Atlantic City with a stop overnight at my parents'' home. No time left to coordinate a meet on Saturday, I suppose, since I''ll have no Internet access until we''re back home.

Hope you have a great time there.


DuaneIsing 01-14-2003 06:07 AM

Anyone going to the Atlantic City show this weekend?
Just a quick personal review of the Atlantic City show this past weekend:

Not a big show for anyone except Hunter, Beneteau, Jeanneau, and Catalina, who had quite a few boats available. There was one boat each from the likes of Sabre, Tartan, Island Packet, C&C, and J-boats, plus a few from Dehler and Bavaria. Being indoors means you can''t inspect the rigs at all.

Probably worse than Annapolis, so many folks only wanted to see how big the "beds and windows" were. I started asking a question about masts and keels and the rep said it was nice to have someone care about something other than the size of the microwave.

I don''t want to start a flame war, but I must comment that the fit and finish of many of the lesser-priced models left me cold. There were too many instances (from the thru-hulls, to the joinery, to the deck hardware, etc. ) where it looked like amateurs just slapped it together. You would think they would take special care for boats that were going to be in a show. I realize certain models are built to a price point, but it still bothers me.

Much more enjoyable than the boats and the booths were the seminars. Throughout the day you could choose among 4-6 topics at any given time. We thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from each one we attended. Diane and I split up and attended different seminars in the same time slot, then compared notes later.

A lot of the info presented can be found in book form somewhere, but when a particular statement is made, you can question the presenter right then and there. How many times do you read a book and wish you could ask the author "exactly what do you mean by that" or "how about in this situation"?

Other than those seminars, I doubt I would return to the AC show next year. Anyone else who attended care to comment?

Cheers, all.


tsenator 01-14-2003 12:53 PM

Anyone going to the Atlantic City show this weekend?
Saturday was a good showing.

What better is there to do in the middle of winter in the NorthEast than go to AC see a few boats, attend a few seminars and lose a few $$ in the glitz of the casino''s.

I agree, I liked some of the seminars (Many going on at the same time & which are going all day) They were very good.

I especially liked the seminar from that the lady who wrote the book "Red Sky in Mourning" when she sailed through a Class 4 Hurricane (+140 knots winds recorded before the anemometer blew off.) She lost her fiance''/loved one overboard (he was tethered to the helm) and she was knocked out for 27 hours!. She thinks the boat rolled AND pitchpoled over 360''s by a mega wave (they were already seeing 50 foot waves regularly) She was delivering a 48 foot (?) Trintella (very solid off shore boat) from Polynesia to SanDiego.
She came to with about 3 feet of water in the boat. The masts (main and mizzen) were ripped from the boat.

She was able to jury rig a spinnaker pole and a storm sail and drift/sail back towards Hawaii . It took about 41 days, mind you she had no engine/electronics/little food and thank god she knew the basics of Celestial navigation.

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