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Garffin 12-05-2009 06:29 PM

2 skippers and 1 boat?
Leason learned! So on 12/03/09 Lapworth and I were done with work for the day before 12 noon so we decided to go for a quick fishing trip. Well we got to the boat after getting some grub and some supplies “beer” and headed out before 1 pm. We noticed that the wind was blowing pretty steady from the NE and lapworth got all excited because he loves to fish while under sail. I was thinking man today is going to be a good day for a sail. So we left out of the Rhode River and made our way to the West River in good time with the main and jib up. As we rounded the corner heading into the west river lapworth lowered the main sail and kept us going good with just the jib. I was all smiles due to the fact that there were only 2 boats in sight and with a good wind we had the bay to ourselves. We make our way out into the bay while the wind was increasing a bit. I am new to the bay waters and well I was surprised at the short choppy swells we were getting. Felt like we were in a bathtub with all the spray and chop. We were sailing and at this point I didn’t see a single sailboat in sight. Man what a good day! On the way in Lapworth and I had a few words with each other as to the right and wrongs of sailing on the wrong side of buoys and well just let me say that while you are on someone’s boat you should always shut up and give a yelp only if life or boat is in danger. I have to say that two skippers on one boat is 1 to many. I learned something about sailing that day and the wind had nothing to do with it. Thanks for the beers lapworth and man the chesapeke bay is awesome but friends are better:)

Ajax_MD 12-05-2009 06:33 PM

Garffin, where do you moore? I'm also in the Rhode River, up in Ponder Cove. You're very close by.

And yeah, the only boats I know with two captains are ballistic missile submarines- blue crew/gold crew. I don't know how they stand it.

Garffin 12-05-2009 06:40 PM

Yeah lapworth keeps his boat over on the Rhode and I have a slip on the north end of the south river. We take his boat out just because he has it rigged to fish while under sail which to me is very cool. Bubblehead if your up to day sailing this winter let me know. I am sure that on sunny days cold or not I will be out there.

CalebD 12-05-2009 08:52 PM

2 skippers on 1 boat can be a dicey situation. If I am on another persons boat I happily let them take charge and allow them to make all the decisions (and sometimes mistakes - in my mind). As long as I am not in danger of bodily harm or worse I don't need to voice my concerns.
On my own boat it is different; there are 2 owner/skippers. Fortunately my boat partner is an old friend and helps cover the annual costs. It has worked out largely amicably after 7 years of joint ownership. It was a bit difficult at first to reconcile that we both have different areas of strengths and weaknesses and to let go of the idea that things had to go the way I wanted them in all cases. Our differences only make us stronger; he is good with marine wiring, tinkering with rigging and I am not afraid of bottom paint, our engine or epoxy, for instance. What one hand does not clean up the other usually does. Alone, we would each have to do everything by ourselves. We keep getting better at complimenting each other on the maintenance chores; this fall we pulled a tarp over our boat and had it tied up in 1 afternoon. The fine art of compromise.
On the water it is a bit different but still compromise and communication have proved that it can be done. We mostly race on Weds. nights so it is not such a big deal as our boat is not a racer but a cruiser. I find that our teamwork and reliance on one another make doing the races more fun even if my partner is more competitive about the races then I am. I just like to be sailing in the company of the other boats.
All that said, when on OPB (other peoples boats) I am not the skipper unless the entire crew is asleep.
The Chessy down there is so thin watered that I would be happy to have someone else tell me which side of the buoy to be on to make the channel.
Have you been to Harness Creek yet? (first dog leg on the right as you go in, a narrow channel and hurricane hole, surrounded by woods in a park - no houses)

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