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nauticalrich 02-12-2003 09:38 AM

Members Directory Pictures
What happened? Cannot open any of the pictures submitted by the most recent
entries on the members directory page.

daytonasailor 02-17-2003 05:04 AM

Members Directory Pictures
Must be on your end. I can open pics. I have a problem though if you can help. I can''t load pic''s on my personal page...keeps coming up error...could you give me steps please? Thanks....Mike

Yodagwb 02-17-2003 06:00 AM

Members Directory Pictures
Having the smae problem. Just shows as a jpg file, no picture. Does the same thing on two different computers, one windows me thru a server and the other windows xp with a 56k modem.

kokopelli9 02-17-2003 07:21 AM

Members Directory Pictures
Me too, but only with the newer members'' pictures. So what''s the deal?

nauticalrich 02-18-2003 06:26 AM

Members Directory Pictures
I don''t think it''s on my end. I can''t bring up the new members pictures but I can the older ones. I am not the only one so it must be on sailnets end. Can''t put pictures on my personal page either. It also brings up error. Hope sailnet reads this and replies.

sailnby 02-24-2003 05:40 PM

Members Directory Pictures
Seems like there are image size constraints when you upload a picture. I had to resize our pics to 200 X 150 pixels.

daytonasailor 02-25-2003 04:23 AM

Members Directory Pictures
Greg, I think that is the problem I am having too. How do you change the pixel size? I got one pic to load, but then it says the next one won''t go. Thanks...Mike

sailnby 02-25-2003 06:21 PM

Members Directory Pictures
I used a photo editor and resized after some trial and error, before the shot was excepted and actually showed up.

nauticalrich 02-26-2003 09:21 AM

Members Directory Pictures
I believe that their is a problem with this program at sailnet. Why is it that prior to this problem, all pictures were readable and we had no problems posting our pictures. If the webmaster reads this he might check the programs that they are using. Maybe they were using a photo editor and have now lost it off their files.
I am no expert but something seems screwy in St Louis or wherever sailnet is from.

email_test 02-26-2003 07:47 PM

Members Directory Pictures
Charleston, actually... a long way from SL ;-)

I''ll have someone check on it tomorrow and see what''s going on.

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