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RookieHunter 03-17-2003 07:45 PM

No Boom Vang?
Is it possible to not have a boom vang. I have a hunter 23 and the mast was replaced by a prior owner. The Mainsheet connects on the most aft 1/3 of the boom. I had it out sailing and it seemed to work OK, but then again it''s my first time out. I had a little more slack in the tack than I would have preferred but it seems to work OK. I would think that it was just not included when I got the boat, but there is no where at the bottom of the mast to connect it.

Jeff_H 03-18-2003 02:54 AM

No Boom Vang?
It is not unusual for small inexpensive cruisers to not have a boom vang. Boom vangs are a very helpful tool and a safety feature in heavier going but you can get by without one. They are comparartively cheap and easy to make for a boat that size; requing two short lengths of line, two single bullet blocks, and a single block with cam cleat. Garhauser make a nice little cascade vang that should work for you when you are ready to add one.


maestro 03-19-2003 04:34 AM

No Boom Vang?
get a mast hound...sailnet sells them about $14 screw it to the base of the mast with machine screws and voila.... a terminal end for your boom vang.

JeffC_ 03-23-2003 09:10 AM

No Boom Vang?
I had a boat of similar size that did not have a vang, but once I added one, I could snug it down when the breeze piped up. The flatter mainsail sure made a difference when I had upwind work to do, and I immediately praised myself for my wisdom. It would be such a simple install for the performance results esp. on such a small boat, I can''t think of any reason for not doing it.

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